Tuesday, April 2, 2024

April Snow Showers? And New Release news!

I guess April is certainly coming in like a Lion - we're supposed to get another foot of snow this week.  Where was all this white stuff back in January and February?  Anyhow, I had a new release yesterday! Yes an April 1st release.  The second of my contributions to the League of Supernatural Assassins is out now! 


Mya is missing. And the Director wants her back. Or worse, dead.

Avery’s mission was to find Mya, the lost assassin, who stepped through the portal to Eleka and disappeared. If Avery finds her, she must bring her home, or if Mya is unwilling to return, Avery must kill her.

But Mya was the only assassin at the complex who saw Avery as a person. She even gave her the name Avery instead of only the numbers issued to each assassin by the Director.

This is not a job she wants. But she’s one of a handful of assassins with fae blood, and she has no choice but to follow the Director’s orders. If she fails, her handler will pay the price.

And he has angel blood like she does, which makes him the closest thing to kin that she has.

Her only hope is to find Mya and convince her to come home. Or Avery will witness her handler’s death before her own.

Grab your ebook here!

Grab your paperback here

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And in other news, I have the option for my fans to get my books directly on my website. All you need to do is click on the picture of the book you'd like and you'll be taken to a direct purchase page for that book with the description and the option to buy.  The hard covers and paperback books are at a steep discount from the retail prices, so check it out!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

March Madness Paperback Giveaway!

Are you ready for a giveaway!

How this will work: I post on the specified social media platform with daily questions that you will answer in the comments in order to be in the drawing for that day's prize! Prizes for each day are below and the commenting is answering the question in the post. And I promise, it will be easy to answer - like favorite books, movies, television show, song, characters, etc.  You have 24 hours to comment - commenting will end when I post the next day's giveaway on the appropriate platform.

Prizes per day are as follows:

Oh, and the mystery gifts are very cool prizes, those are worth commenting on for a chance to win!
I will reach out to each winner daily via private message right after the prior day's giveaway closes to get your mailing information and get that giveaway in the mail! 

Good luck and until next time,

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Direct e-book sales now available!


I am happy to announce that I have launched a new direct sales site for ebooks here:  https://books.jetaylor75.com/

You can find all my titles here as well as my socials!

My direct store offers most of my titles at a discount.  Check it out and grab your favorite series bundle or single titles!

Happy reading!

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Monday, December 4, 2023

December New Releases!


December is a busy month in general and this year I have 3 releases on top of the regular holiday hustle and bustle. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Check out the new releases below: 

Set includes Ancient Goddess and Modern Goddess! 
The hardcover includes a bonus epilogue!

Christmas Wish - Coming tomorrow December 5th! 
Available in ebook only!

Silent Night Trilogy - Coming December 12th! 
Trilogy includes Joy, Silent Night, and Christmas Wish!
Available in ebook and hard cover!

Until next time,

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

November is here and winter is coming...

MODERN GODDESS is out today! Have you grabbed your copy? The paperback is stunning! 

This month is going to fly by so quickly.  We are visiting with family and then spending Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-in-law and relatives down in Connecticut.  And December seems to be following in the same path, but at least we will be able to enjoy our new play room!  Pool and shuffleboard anyone?

And speaking of Christmas, I do have another Christmas book coming out on December 5th!  It's a continuation of Chrissy Kringle's adventures and brings in a new character.  Check it out!

I'm sure I'll be posting for CHRISTMAS WISH again in December, but if I get sidetracked by life, I wish you a very merry holiday season and I'll see you in the New Year! 

Until next time,




Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Lost Summer


CHEERS to the lost summer.

I just realized I haven't paid attention to my blog at all since we received the new refrigerator. A lot has happened. Some fantastic, and some not so much. 

And even through the crazy time, I was able to publish two books with a third coming at the beginning of next month and a Christmas short story coming in the beginning of December.

We started July with a wonderful birthday kayak ride on Big Squam lake here in New Hampshire.

And then we stepped into the twilight zone for the next few months. It all started with what was supposed to be an awesome trip to Alaska...

We saw a little of Mt. Denali from the park as you can see here. And we saw a grizzly playing with her cubs. We saw some other amazing things...

 Yet this beautiful scenery didn't keep Covid or the flu at bay. Which is tough when you're traveling with three elderly adults in their 80s.  Needless to say it was a rough journey home.
And the resulting aftermath of this was ugly, and still after three months, time hasn't eased the nightmare at all. Especially when those you've helped show zero gratitude.

And then September rolled around and a happy occasion pulled us momentarily out of our perpetual nightmare.

My son got married!

And I released my first book since the spring and then October brought the next book release!
And next month this book comes out!

So now that you've heard about my summer and fall, tell me some interesting things about your summer or fall.  I'd love to hear about beach parties and camp fires. Or any special events that still leaves a smile on your face. Hit me up! 

And here's to a much better fall and winter season!
Until next time, 

Monday, July 3, 2023

Follow up on the #Whirlpool experience


The last blog outlined what we had to do to actually get the refrigerator taken care of by Whirlpool. With the timeline given of another four weeks.  Well, it didn't take four weeks.  It only took two. We got a new refrigerator delivered on June 9th. They took the old one as well. And it was a pleasant experience.  

It is still working three weeks later. Knock on wood, please. 

We are hoping that when we return to our camp after our Alaskan excursion at the end of July, it will still be working.  

So, while it was a major pain in the butt, Whirlpool actually came through in the end.  

However, we are still going to write to the company, telling them of our experience and that when they decided to roll out the new closed system, they should have made sure they had technicians willing to service them.  I'm not sure any company out there has service people that can service the new closed systems that our government mandated as of 2022.  

Think on that for a moment. 

Any of the new refrigerators built after January of 2022 have this new system. If no one fixes them, and they are still under warranty, these things will end up in landfills.  How is that better for the environment than the old Freon systems that actually could withstand a swing in temperature. These could be left in the garage all year without an issue, or in our case, the trailer at the beach. But the new systems have issues with temperature swings.

We plan on wrapping the refrigerator in the off season.  And we'll unplug it this time even though the power in the campground is turned off for the season at the end of October.  Hopefully that will help and we don't have to do the same thing next year.  

If you find yourself in a similar situation.  Keep on them. They eventually will make you whole, you just have to be diligent and firm.  Not nasty - although there were a couple times I failed at this, but after taking a breath, I was able to curtail the snark. 

Anyhow, now we are off on an Alaskan adventure.  I'll be sure to post pictures when I return. And then in September, I have a new release! 

Until next time,