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New Release - Crooked Soul is out!


Crooked Soul - Book 2 in the Shades of Night series is out today! 

If you haven't read this series, check out Young Blood, Wicked Heart and now Crooked Soul!  You can also preorder Tainted Mind


 Escaping from captivity brings its own special challenges. Like dealing with PTSD, along with major trust issues.

When an ancient vampire arrives from overseas, she comes with baggage from a past long before I was born. And she is hell-bent on revenge.

Not only are we trying to dodge the monsters, but we are back on the radar of the Monster Defense Agency, and they are pissed.

If Robby and I can’t get our shit together, either the MDA or the master of the vampire who nearly destroyed us will finish the job.

Grab your copy today!

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Rituals & Runes Anthology presents Melissa MacKinnon Author Interview!

 Looking for your next hot read? Look no further than Rituals & Runes, a limited-time anthology featuring the HOTTEST bestselling authors in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, reverse harem, and MORE!


And today, you can find out about one of the stories exclusive to Rituals and Runes Anthology. Let's welcome author Melissa MacKinnon who will chat with us about Crown of Crows.


Melissa MacKinnon


Book: Crown of Crows


R&R: This book cover is amazing. I'm getting Snow White vibes. Was that intentional? Can you tell us why or why not, and explain?


Melissa: My cover is seriously amazing. I gave her the story, and she came up with THAT. No, it wasn’t intentional, but I love writing kick-butt female characters.


Elowen is next in line to be the Queen of elves, but she’s hiding a secret. She was born with the old magic, particularly shadow magic. It comes in the shape of crows, and her shadows do her bidding, which isn’t always on the good side of things. Where Snow White might be pure, Elowen is quite the opposite. But, she is looking for her prince! She finds him in Balen, the human who saves her life.


R&R: Juicy! And at least we hit on the queen who might be a bit naughty vibe. Lol!


If you were in your story, what do you think you would do in the world and what role would you have in your world?


Melissa: Honestly, I’d probably just be trying to survive. The humans have been after Elven land for decades, and the wars just keep on raging. Being a human myself, surviving would be my greatest task. The Elven women are the greatest warriors in the land, and pretty much take what they want. I don’t think I’d live past my teens!


R&R: Wicked as in very cool and a bit evil, both of which we like.


Without sharing spoilers, tell us about the book's conflict. What is your main character's goal and what's in their way?


Melissa: Elowen has been betrayed by her own eleven sisters. They are afraid of her, of her magic. She’s saved by an unlikely hero - a human, no less. While Elowen has been trying to negotiate a peace, her sisters have had other plans. Elowen has no choice but to form a wavering alliance with her human savior… In order to stay alive. And, now that her magic is out there, both sides- Elven and human-want her head.


R&R: Wow. The description of this story gets worse and worse in a very intriguing and appealing way. Captivating!


How did you right-size the research you did for this book? Did you ever find yourself getting lost in the research or stopping too soon?


Melissa: I have ADHD, which means I get lost in the research quite often. My google search history is filled with searches like, “what color is elven blood”? And “how is leather armor reinforced”? But also… “at what angle is the best for a sword to enter between ribs”? I have to laugh. I love the fantasy world I’ve created, and I’ve tried to keep it as accurate as possible. And sometimes, that includes some pretty crazy research.


R&R: Being neurodiverse can sometimes be a challenge but also can open some fascinating doors. And you’re like, I swear, I’m an author, I can explain…lol!


How about your bookish experiences. Have you ever gone on a literary journey? Tell us about it.


Melissa: I decided to take a trip to Scotland in order to know the history and the people while writing a book. But, who am I kidding? The book was my excuse to get on a plane in the name of “research”. I fell in love with the country, its people, and its dangerous history of war, epic battles, and love stories for the ages. I spent almost a month traveling the countryside of the UK and I can’t wait to get back for inspiration.


R&R: Epic! Truly sounds incredible. We're glad you did that.


What has been your favorite book to write to date?


Melissa: I’d have to say, my sweet romcom, THE DO-OVER, has been my favorite so far. I set it in my hometown in Maine, and also included some of my favorite people, my grandparents, and the absolutely hard-to-understand Maine accent. Ha! I put my heart and my childhood into that book. Some of the childhood memories of the hero, Finn, were taken straight from my own.


R&R: Swoony and fun!


What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?


Melissa: So, so many! 2022 and 2023 are loaded with books from me! I have one I’m super excited to share with readers called STAR STRUCK and it’s about an up-and-coming country singer who falls in love with the waitress at his favorite hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. And of course, when he finally gets noticed and ends up the opening act for a famous singer, he forgets all about the woman who helped get him there. Can you say, “drama”?


I also have the second book in my Finding Home Series debuting! It’s the second book after The Do-Over, starring Finn’s sister, Tess. She’s had a hard life as a single mom, but when she meets Brody, an Army Veteran who gave his all-including his leg for his country, they heal each other in ways they couldn’t imagine. It’s also a sweet romcom that will have readers swooning!


R&R: We have such talented authors in this group who have so many wonderful books to offer, including you!


Would you rather know the history of objects you touched or talk to animals?


Melissa: Oh my gosh. You know me too well. I am a history ADDICT. I have an obsession with doors. When I was in Europe, I took more pictures of doors than I did my husband or kids. I love running my fingers along the worn wood, just imagining all the great people who have touched it before me. The same goes for stone walls in castles. I’ve stood in the same spot where Mary, Queen of Scots waited for her execution. It brought me to tears.


R&R: Honestly, we had no idea we would hit such a great note with that last question. So glad it hit home and that you connected with it.


We hope you connected with her interview. To find out more about Crown of Crows, read on!



A forbidden love. A kingdom inherited. Without him, she’ll burn it to the ground.

Magic hasn’t been seen in centuries. Once, it ruled the land along with the elven warriors, keeping the peace and the enemy at bay. Magic faded, and now there is nothing but war.

Elowen took her duty seriously. She is next in line to the elven throne, and she’s dedicated her life to the task. Reigning over a kingdom will be no small feat, especially when she finds a sword in her belly with elven sisters holding the hilt.

Balen was bred for war. He’s a number, until the fateful day he’s cut down on the battlefield. When he sees a beautiful elf ambushed by her own kind during battle, he acts without thinking—cutting the traitors down in a bout of honor. He is set to offer her a mercy killing, until she rips the blade from her belly and the gaping wound disappears under a glow of purple light. Unable to explain what he’s seen, Balen rushes into the protection of the forest.

With betrayal lingering in the mist and war raging around them, Elowen and Balen must join forces in order to stay alive. Elowen owes him her life, and there’s something about this handsome warrior she cannot place. She’s drawn to him like no other. He’s seen her magic that both, elf and human, want. There’s a reason she’s kept it a secret—she’s the weapon they need to win the war.


The saddest part about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

Elowen could not decide which was worse: that her Elven sisters had so easily betrayed her, or the Elven steel protruding from her gut. She pulled her palm back from the wound to assess it—but who was she trying to fool? If they wanted her dead enough to corner her amid a raging battle, they would find other ways to bring their future queen down if this steel didn’t

take her.

If she had any chance for survival, time was of the essence, but, by her calculations, her sisters were not going to leave her death up to fate. No, they would linger in the trees until she slowly bled out until death was imminent. She moaned slightly while propping herself against

the decaying log they’d backed her into—legs splayed before her, and shoulders

slumped forward slightly to ease her breathing.

Although her forest was thick and littered with snares, the humans continued to wage war on her kind. It was futile behavior, but Elowen chose to honor her mother’s wishes and continue to broach peace with treaties that never endured. Humans were habitually men of war and the desire to have what they couldn’t—power—always won.

And so, the battles raged, and endless lives were cut short, and the cycle repeated itself each season. The humans would retreat, a peace would be struck, and the quiet would last only if the humans remained satiated.

Elowen grew tired of it, honestly, just as tired as she grew of the sword slowly killing her.

allow herself to die, either.

“Come and finish what you started!” She baited. Seeing no movement, she sighed slouching a bit onto her side. “Cowards,” she muttered.

Elowen closed her eyes to listen. Elves sliced through the forest, their only sounds being the displacement of air and the gurgling of the men whose lives they took. The whistle and thunk

of arrows as they found their intended targets—the chests of men who did not stand a chance of surviving Elven steel in her forest.

Light footsteps fell close. Too close. The time had come where her sisters had lost their patience with her dying. A bowstring was pulled. An arrow knocked.

Elowen opened her eyes.

Three of her sisters scowled down at her; their blood-stained faces glowing in the fractured moonlight parting through the trees. Their silvery hair whipped around their faces as a wicked wind tunneled around them. Calen, the meeker of the three, stepped forward.

“I’m sorry it has to be this way,” she spoke softly against the wind.

Elowen’s mouth formed a tight line. “No lies, Calen.”

Calen’s fingers tightened on the bowstring. “Close your eyes.”

Elowen shook her head. “I will not. You will remember your treachery with every pair of Elven eyes you see.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat. She’d never feared death, exactly, nor the pain. Only the life she left behind, unfinished.


Author Bio:

Melissa spent her childhood exploring the coast of down east Maine without parental supervision and immersing herself in any book she could get her scrappy little hands on. Although she pursued a career in theater, the written word is her true calling. She leads a full life with her husband and six children traveling the country to wherever the Army sends them in her very large twelve-passenger van, in what she lovingly deems “organized chaos”. She finds time to write in her “spare time”, somewhere in between soccer practices and nap time with coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. She loves creating unforgettable romance, and enjoys writing and reading everything from sexy, sword-toting heroes to spit-out-your-coffee funny romantic comedies… as long as she doesn’t get the book wet. She leaves that up to the characters.

Where to find her:





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Rituals & Runes Anthology presents Ariel Dawn Author Interview!


Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, Heaven Knows.

Check out this author's interview with Ariel Dawn to find out about her contribution!


Ariel Dawn


Book: Heaven Knows


R&R: Thanks for being here today. We’re thrilled to talk about your story. 


If you had to describe in three sentences what prompted the idea for your story, what would they be?


Ariel: Angels & Demons working together. Enemies To Lovers with some found family thrown in. We are more than meets the eye.


R&R: Awesome! It sounds like the perfect tangle that readers can get excited about. What makes your book different from others within its trope/genre?


Ariel: I tend to read a lot of paranormal romance, and while I see a lot of romances with humans and angels, or demons and humans, or even enemies to lovers, I find romances between angels and demons tend to be far less popular, and I’m intrigued by the idea of a demon falling for an angel, and an angel falling for the sinful demon.


R&R: Delicious! A story with such intensely opposite sides is so compelling.


What was the most enjoyable part of your world-building?


Ariel: Constructing my world of Heaven & Hell, and how they operate. How they are both two sides of the same coin, just framed differently.


R&R: What fun! Your world seems very well thought out and something readers can really dig into.


If you met your antagonist in real life, what would you do?


Ariel: I mean, Endor is pretty hot and intense, and you can’t help but be drawn to him so….I’d probably do some sketchy stuff to wind up in his clutches, no doubt.


R&R: Agreed. We wouldn’t do anything for a Klondike bar, but a book boyfriend? That’s another story!


In real life which character is most like your spouse/significant other/ normal type.


Ariel: I always like to say most of my leading men in my romances are 1% my husband. Endor is no different. While my husband is not tall, dark, and tattooed, Endor’s need for routine and order is something that I pulled from my husband- who is very organized and likes things a certain way.


R&R: Make us drool, why don’t you! LOL!


Which book out of those you have released are you most proud of and why? Choose a book from your published backlist that isn’t in the anthology.


Ariel: Oof, that is tough, but I’m going to have to go with In The Blood, which is technically my second book ever published, and the second book in my Forevermore series.  I’m most proud of it, because it resonates well with a lot of people who love vampires, and not only am I just obsessed with the characters, I researched heavily what people wanted in a vampire book, and what they didn’t want.


I spent a good while collecting information from readers in and out of the genre, looking at other vampire literature and media that influenced me, and mixing all of that with my own ideas to produce what continues to be one of my most popular books. I’m also very proud of the characters who are not perfect by any means, but who constantly keep me on my toes, challenging me in new ways all the time. It will always hold a special place in my heart because I love it not just because I wrote it, but because I love it as a reader too. Ava & Cas will forever be my favorite OTP.


R&R: Very impressive and deep. Now we want to read it! My goodness.


What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?


Ariel: I have a lot!  I have at least two more books coming out with the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld series, and I have several series continuations coming out next year, including the sequel to Heaven Knows! I also have some co-writes coming out next year as well! It’s going to be a busy year!


R&R: Wonderful! Readers have so much to look forward to in Heaven Knows, and your other books.


Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or live in an un-haunted cottage?


Ariel: Unhaunted cottage probably. Being a witchy goddess who lives in the woods with a garden, lots of crystals, and endless servings of tea sounds LOVELY… Unless the ghosts that come with the haunted mansion are hot and lonely, of course. Then I might have to pull a Jenna Hellsing (check out Jenna and her smoking hot haunted house hotties in Voices In The Dark, my monster reverse harem!) and make some new friends.


R&R: Sexy and fun! Thanks again for joining Rituals and Runes Anthology authors today. Readers, please read on to find out more about Heaven Knows!



When Heaven & Hell Collide

Hell-born demon Endor longs for a life beyond processing souls in Hell’s Admissions Department. He wants to stretch his wings and roam the earth as a Contractor Demon, to hold souls in the palm of his hand.


The days are endless in Heaven for Valory, an angel who dreams of the kind of romance she reads in the books she borrows, waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet.


When a lost soul comes between Heaven and Hell, Endor and Valory must put their differences aside and learn to work together all while fighting against their celestial duties…and their darkest desires.



My fingers fidget with the pearls adorned on my ivory dress, and I catch Matthew sneaking a glance at me, which stupidly makes my heart skip a beat. Maybe this dress wasn’t a bad idea after all…

Then I feel it.

The shift in the air, like death is coming. The scent of fire and brimstone accompanies them, and as they walk through the room, I can’t help but gape at the sight of them.

I’ve never seen a demon before. Sure, I’ve heard stories, both when I was alive and being up here in Heaven, but I didn’t expect them to look so…human.

The woman is dressed in a tight red dress that hugs every curve of her body. Breasts that swell, giving the most ample cleavage and legs that look perfectly smooth. Her dark hair falls over her shoulders and coupled with the blood-red lip, she looks like a vampire from a romance novel rather than a demon.

Mercy strolls in with the other demon and my heart catches. His arm is around her waist, and she looks all too trusting, too comfortable with him. He’s tall, like the other demon, and has the same dark features. Black hair that is swept back to look oddly reminiscent of the Greaser styles men wore in the ’50s. His suit is well-tailored, though his jacket is draped over his free arm, and I take note of how his shirtsleeves are rolled up to the elbows.

His arm around Mercy boasts a full sleeve of tattoos and a well-defined bicep muscle, and I find myself wondering where his tattoos begin and end. My gaze travels upwards to meet him. He looks at me like he can see right through me, past my flesh and blood and right down to my soul. The realization is both terrifying and strangely…satisfying. I shake my head, trying to rid myself of the weird onslaught of feeling, and focus on the task at hand.

I’m just out of sorts today, and I need to get back to square one.

“Roche, how lovely to see you again,” Matthew says as he motions for her to sit. Again? Does he know this demon?

“Uh-huh,” she says nonchalantly as she collapses in her office chair, crossing those long legs, swiveling back and forth.

“This is my associate, Endor. Endor, this is Matthew. He’s basically the angelic equivalent of me.”

I watch Matthew’s lips tighten and his shoulders tense.

“My job is of higher importance,” Matthew says sternly, and I don’t miss the smile that plays on Roche’s lips.

“So high and mighty you can’t even keep track of one little lost soul,” Roche taunts and I think this demon has quite a lot of nerve.

Matthew huffs and nods toward me. “Valory is more than a capable employee. I trust her with the utmost authority. Her error is the first. Unlike you, who has made several errors, mind you.”


Author Bio:


USA Today Bestselling Author Ariel Dawn grew up as an avid reader and is a creative soul.


Ariel writes plot-driven paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and reverse harem and hopes to venture into many other genres in the future. When she isn't writing, she can be found cosplaying, attending conventions, swimming with her mermaid tail, creating all sorts of artwork in her studio, or editing photos for her photography business. A self-professed geek and foodie, she loves hanging out with family and friends and playing video games and board games with her retro gamer husband.


Website and social media links


















Binge Books



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Rituals & Runes Anthology presents Madison Granger Author Interview


The runes are cast, the rituals prepared, now it’s time to enjoy an interview with author Madison Granger as she talks about her book, Claiming Magick. It comes out in the Rituals and Runes Anthology, in October 2022!


Author: Madison Granger

Book: Claiming Magick


R&R: Thank you for agreeing to an interview. I'm excited to talk about your upcoming story, Claiming Magick.


What is the key theme and/or message in the book?

 Madison: Holding a grudge is a waste of energy. Being angry for so long, you lose sight of why you were angry in the first place. Taking a step back, you might find out things have changed along the way.


R&R: That's a deep and meaningful theme. It's awesome to read a book that's both entertaining and has a message.


Would you and your main character get along? 


Madison: Most definitely. We’re a lot alike, which shouldn’t be a surprise, I tend to pattern my female MC’s with my personal likes and best traits.


R&R: What was your hardest scene to write, and why?


Madison: Sex scenes, always. I constantly debate on whether it’s not enough or too much and have I said this already. I stress over them.


R&R: Yes, it can be tricky to balance everything in those scenes.


What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?


Madison: The characters. I have to get a visual in my head before I can write their story. The plot, and the rest of the story, comes while I’m writing.


R&R: Sounds like you get a vivid sense of things before you start writing. That's wonderful.


Name three things your main character would not want to do.


Madison: Have anything to do with shifters. (at least in the beginning)


Rowan Murphy would never hurt anyone intentionally but would have no qualms about it if she was protecting someone she cared about.


Because she’s a witch, Rowan doesn’t seek attention, preferring to live quietly.


R&R: Tell us about your writing routine. What are your must-have elements when you sit down and focus?


Madison: I prefer to write when it’s quiet, even music can distract me. I always keep bottled water on my desk and make constant use of a thesaurus and search engine. I research as I write.


R&R: Great tools! It's funny how some authors love music while they write, while others don't. To each their own.


What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?


I’ve had two releases earlier this year, A Warrior’s Redemption, book seven of The Kindred series, and The Rising of Amelia, the sequel to The Awakening of Amelia. I’m currently working on Zane, the first book of the Bayou Crescent Wolves trilogy.


R&R: Congrats! Exciting lineup!


My final question: Would you rather read your writings to an audience of ten people who love you or to 10,000 people you don’t know?


An audience of ten. I hate reading aloud, especially to people. I don’t think I have a good speaking voice, and I don’t deal well with being the center of attention, I turn beet red the whole time.


Understandable! Thank you very much for the wonderful interview.


If you would like to find out more about Claiming Magick, read on!




Rowan Murphy loves her life as a solitary witch and owner of The Hidden Key, where she spends her days making and selling charms and potions to the locals of Havenport. As long as she can ignore the wolf shifters in town, her life is perfect.

Griffin Reed, Alpha of the Firethorn wolfpack has his back against the wall—find a way to break an ancient curse or watch his pack die out. His only hope is the local witch, and she doesn’t like shifters.

Magick sparks and fur flies when Rowan and Griffin combine forces to break the spell threatening the pack’s existence. The solution is one they never saw coming and will change their lives forever.




Candles lit, bath oil scenting the water, and a glass of wine at hand, Rowan slowly lowered into the steaming bath. She groaned in pleasure as she stretched out, sore muscles relaxing for the first time in three days. Rowan was always amazed how much the festival took out of her. She kept herself reasonably fit and was fairly active, but those three days were a whirlwind of activity. She was always exhausted at the end.

          Rowan’s cell phone rang, and she peeked over the edge of the tub to see whose name popped up. Seeing Griffin’s name, she reached for the device and answered, her voice relaxed and sultry.


          “Rowan, this is Griffin. Did I interrupt something?”

          “Not at all. I’m relaxing in a tub full of bubbles.” She chuckled lightly.

          “Now there’s a visual.”

          Rowan scooped up a handful of water, letting it trickle between her fingers.

          “Like that, do you?” Her voice was husky, and his gravelly tone when he responded was doing things to her that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

          “What’s not to like, a beautiful woman in a tub? You probably have candles lit too.”

          “I do, as a matter of fact, and you can’t forget the glass of wine.”

          “Let’s not forget the wine.” Griffin growled low. “That means you’re relaxed. There’s only one thing missing.”

          “What would that be?” Rowan’s breath hitched. What started out as simple teasing had taken a turn into something… more.

          “You need someone to scrub your back, help you with those hard-to-reach places.”

          Griffin’s breath was getting harsher. They were both getting turned on, and not only was she allowing it, she was enjoying it. Her core clenched as she fantasized about Griffin joining her.

          “Are you volunteering for the position?” Her voice was breathy with anticipation.

          “Do I have a chance?”

          “I think we might leave it on the table, open for discussion.” Rowan couldn’t believe she was encouraging him but wanted to know him better, to know him… intimately.

          “Sounds good. It’s encouraging. It would be nice to think there’s something ahead for us.” His voice was soft and low, a sensual murmur in her ear.


Author Bio:


Madison Granger is a free-spirited late bloomer who stubbornly lives by three beliefs: dreams can come true, never give up, and you’re never too old to try new things. She is living proof of all three adages, vowing she isn't done by a long shot.

Born and raised near New Orleans and even closer to the swamps of south Louisiana, Madison Granger is no stranger to tales of the magical and different.

An avid reader, Madison grew tired of reading about young, flighty girls and began writing her own stories of mature women who aren’t so quick to jump before looking first.

Where to find her:

Website https://www.MadisonGranger.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MadisonGrangerAuthor/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MadisonGranger

TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@madisongrangerauthor

MeWe https://mewe.com/myworld

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/madisongrangerauthor/

Pinterest  https://www.pinterest.com/mgrangerauthor/_saved/

YouTube   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvc_E8nYeWDnxp2oBPd8wg

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/author/madisongranger

Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/authors/madison-granger

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15139766.Madison_Granger

Readers Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2886808738200587

or get them all here in one place: https://linktr.ee/MadisonGranger


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