Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wicked Legends is now available for pre-order!


A boxed set unlike any other before it, filled with the perfect blend of Dystopian, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Romance. 

Every selection in this rare, limited edition collection is a full-length novel or novella, including some BRAND NEW material from today's New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors! 

With over one million words of romantic fiction from all of your favorite genres, this limited edition omnibus will provide over 100 hours of reading! 

That means you’re paying just a penny per sixty minutes of enjoyment! 

If you're looking for a boxed set overflowing with variety, this collection will satisfy your cravings with sorcery, genies, necromancers, space pirates, shifters, and more! Travel to new worlds or discover ones hidden right beneath your nose when you order your copy of WICKED LEGENDS today! 

When purchased separately, these books cost over $50! But they are yours today for less than $1. Grab this collection today before it’s gone for good!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

New Releases and Exciting fall collections!

New Releases & exciting collections!

If you like witch romance novels, check out Star Crossed - a part of the Othala Witch Collection, now available in paperback. The ebook (11-10-16) is also available for preorder!

About Othala
Many years ago, the Original Sixteen witches were able to contain an outbreak of demon-like creatures from overtaking the earth. But doing so came at a cost. For the human race to survive, the world had to be divided into sixteen sectors, trapping the ravagers to the outer lands beyond, and trapping the humans in.

The Original Sixteen served as regents over each of these sectors, and when they died, the strongest of witches took their place, using their own personal enchantment abilities to protect their sector. In the process, communication was lost. The only solace that remains is the knowledge that if another sector fails, their own may still survive.

But what happens when your sector is the one to fail? What happens when the world inside your walls is just as bad as the one outside them? In this collection of sixteen dystopian paranormal romance tales, each and every one of the sixteen sectors is about to find out.

View the entire collection at

Star Crossed

No matter which side of the coin she’s on, Star is destined to lose everything she loves.

To keep Sector Eleven in his bloodline, Jaden has to marry a pure witch. Born into the Regency, his challenge is to find a wife who satisfies his mother’s criteria while also managing to love him. Easier said than done when ambition supersedes the connection of hearts in a love mandate.

When Jaden asks Star to help him find a suitable mate, she agrees, but her heart doesn’t want any part of it. Forced to serve the Regency since she was born, Star has been raised to hide her magical ability from Jaden and his mother, for fear the Regent would carry out her promise to destroy Star if she ever showed a propensity for magic.

Star is not sure which is worse, exposing her secrets to the man she loves which will have her exiled to the ravagers, and certain death, or playing matchmaker and losing Jaden to someone else. No matter which side of the coin she’s on, she’s destined to lose everything she cares about.

In other news, Blood Moon is available to pre-order for $0.99 cents!

Alessandra and Hunter have a price on their heads. Can they escape their fate, or will the sins of the past lead them to their death?

In the eyes of the werewolf council, Alessandra Tate and Hunter Blaez committed the ultimate sin. Humans were killed at the hands of a werewolf, and the price for taking a human life is death.

After being on the run for three months, Alessandra’s nightmares are still plagued with the acts of that evening. Never again will she trust a man to get close enough to betray her, even Hunter Blaez, her beta wolf and protector.

Hunter has other ideas. He has been in love with Alessandra for years, but all she ever saw was her second in command. Even rescuing her from certain death and following her into damnation wasn’t enough for her to see him as a man.

When the council catches Hunter, Alessandra must choose between surviving without him, or risking her life to save the only man she truly loves.

I am also in a few fall and winter boxed sets.  Here is a sneak peak at some of the covers!

Fall into Magic available for preorder! 
Barnes and Noble

Wicked Legends coming 11-15-2016

Shades of Prey free on Amazon KU!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fall into Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection!

Fall into Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

‪#‎99cent‬ Preorder now available on this hot new boxed set!

Prepare to be swept away by 20 paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales from today's bestselling authors! In this limited edition collection, you will find everything from witches to mages, shifters to vampires, demons, faeries, and much more!

Check out this epic line up and secure your copy today!
Rebecca Hamilton & Connor Kressley
Lia Davis
JC Andrijeski
Rainy Kaye
Laxmi Hariharan
Joanne Wadsworth
J.E. Taylor
Steffanie Holmes
April Aasheim
K. de Long
L.B. Gilbert
Susan Stec
Noree Cosper
Angela Fristoe
AR DeClerck
Gina Kincade & Kiki Howell
LJ Swallow
Calinda B
Kristin D. Van Risseghem
Angel Lawson

Friday, August 12, 2016

Introducing Linda Foster and Unnatural Souls

I want to welcome Linda Foster on my blog today.  Linda was born and raised in Colorado, where she still lives with her (very patient) husband, two (very spoiled) ferrets and (equally spoiled) dog. Linda became an avid reading enthusiast the moment she picked up her first book, and has grown steadily worse. By the time she was fifteen years old, her library had become too big for her shelves, and she was forced to donate all her books to the local school, just to make room for new ones. She started writing short novellas for her friends in middle school, and expanded into full-length novels several years later.

The Realm of the Claimed novellas are her first published work.

JET: Please, describe yourself in three words and tell us a bit about yourself!

LINDA: Wow, three words. Dreamer, Overthinker, and Passionate. I live in Colorado with my wonderful husband, two loveable ferrets and the cutest dog in the world. I work at a middle school, where I fit in quite nicely because I’m still a kid at heart. I love to do anything artistic and creative. Painting and writing are my favorites. When I’m not working or writing I really just enjoy hanging out with my family and friends.

JET: “Unnatural Soul” is a prequel to your forthcoming series “The Realm of the Claimed” with “Soul Bound” releasing early 2017. Please, could you introduce us to the world of the protagonists Kali and Ash?

LINDA: Ash was just another high school student, intent on living life to the fullest, winning his next lacrosse game, and making it to this weekend’s party in time. Until he was forced to sell his soul to a demon to save his sister’s life. Kali is a demon who fought in the first war in Heaven against – the now King of Hell – Adrian who dragged her down with him when he was cast out. Now she is trying to earn redemption and get back home by working with the angels, and making up for the sins she’s committed while in Hell.

Unnatural Soul is the story of Grace, Ash’s sister. She is just trying to save her brothers soul before the demon he sold it to comes to collect. She ends up being unwittingly responsible for forcing these two to work together in Soul Bound where they are tied together in a desperate fight for freedom, and an angel revolution that could lead to salvation … or the end of the world.

JET: Do you have a favorite genre to write? Or do you write any genre, depending on the ideas you get?

LINDA: YA is my favorite. There is so much you can do with Young Adult books, and so many ideas yet to be written for this market who is always thirsty for something new and exciting. Which pushes me, as a writer, to come up with something unlike anything else out there. As far as my sub-genre I like to believe I nicely mix drama, mystery, fantasy, paranormal, and romance together in one nice little package.

JET: Have you always wanted to become an author and how did you become an author?

LINDA: I have always, always, always wanted to write a book. I honestly started writing for myself, for the simple fun of it and because I had a story in my head that I wanted to read. I honestly never even thought I would someday become a published author. Once I finished the Manuscript I thought, why not try and get a publisher. With each rejection I grew a little more determined to actually make it happen. I just want to share my stories with the world, and hope that I bring some of the joy to readers that’s I’ve gotten from other authors over the years. I got very lucky when submitted to Carrie White-Parish and Glass House Press. She saw something in my writing and signed me. The rest is history.

JET:  How is your writing process? Are you a pantser or a plotter? And how well do you plan your characters and story before you start writing?

LINDA: I think writing is always a little bit of both of these. I find freewriting to be especially helpful when I have writers block, but my publisher has taught me it is always good to have a solid outline to keep a sense of where I am going next. I do basic plot outlines, character descriptions and settings, but having an outline doesn’t mean some things don’t change as I’m actually writing the story. It’s a roadmap and sometimes, when I’m lost in the creative world of writing, I like to take detours.

JET: Do you happen to have a playlist you use while writing? 

LINDA: I have an entire list of Spotify of over 50 songs that make up my Realm of the Claimed playlist so I’ll give you my top ten.
  1. A demons fate - Within Temptation
  2. Monster – Skillet
  3. Truth – Seether
  4. Comatose – Skillet
  5. Light ‘em up – Fall Out Boy
  6. I don’t care – Apoctalyptica
  7. Leave out all the rest – Linkin Park
  8. Always – Saliva
  9. The Successions Studios Playlist
  10. I’m not Okay – My Chemical Romance

JET: Thank you for answering my questions! Good luck for the future!

LINDA: Thank you for having me!