Friday, November 30, 2018

Signed Paperback #Giveaway!

Signed Paperback Giveaway

Are you in the mood for a free signed paperback of a limited copy no longer available? What about one that is currently available on the market?

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November! New Release!

SNOW: A Fractured Fairy Tale
Dark magic has a price.
While the kingdom’s witches and warlocks were slaughtered to fulfill the queen’s insidious plans, Maggie White, the last pureblood sorceress, escapes with the help of her best friend and seven dwarves.

Maggie enchants a forest with a blood spell to keep them hidden from the evil queen. But the queen’s army of the dead are immune to the enchantment and bypass Maggie’s protections.

Even though Maggie has been battle-ready since the day she went into hiding, she is not prepared for the army of the dead or their tainted blades.

If Maggie loses her fight, not only will she watch those she loves die, but her life force will be sucked from her bones, and her magic will give the queen the ultimate power to enslave the world.
Grab your copy today!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween and re-releases!

The Games Thriller Series is being re-launched as of Halloween on all major platforms.
This is a fully edited and retooled version of Ty and Jessica's story.
If you haven't read this series, check it out. It's sexy, dark, intense, chilling, and downright addicting. 
Pick it up on KINDLE, iTunes, NOOK, Kobo, Google Play or Smashwords!
You can choose the box set or the individual books! 

Pre-order yours today!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Frozen is now available!

The next book in my Fractured Fairy Tales series is out in e-book form! The paperback will be released next week and the audio will be out in September! 

Will the ice queen keep her royal station, or will the fight for the throne end in a bloody battle?

Elsa must marry before midnight of her twenty-fifth year or lose her kingdom. The only problem is that no man in Bryggen can be near her without getting frostbite.

Kyle Bryggen, the founder of the kingdom Elsa rules, has been in hibernation for two hundred years, and now he is awake and wants his kingdom back.

They could be a match carved in ice, except every time they meet, they want to kill each other.

When a diabolical senator manipulates the law to his own purpose, Elsa must choose between the lesser of two nightmares.

One will lead to the ruin of her kingdom, and the other will lead to her death.

Grab an ebook from Amazon(Kindle), iTunes, Barnes & Noble(Nook), Kobo or Google Play from the links below!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Font Debacle!

So, I encountered a moral dilemma earlier this week. The dilemma had to do with an unlicensed font on a trilogy I had just commissioned and paid for but hadn't been told about. The dilemma was - Was this done on purpose - meaning did the artist cut corners to make a buck - or was it an honest mistake? If it was the former, do I have an obligation to the community to warn others? Is there a pattern of behavior here?
I went back and read through the interactions I had with the cover artist just to be sure I wasn't being mean and nasty like she accused me of being in her last message.
I don't think I was. Dense - yes - because I just didn't get it, but mean and nasty and out to get her - no. I even said that to her - that I wasn't out to get her, just to understand.
While I was trying to understand why I hadn't been told up front about something that could have compromised both my writing career and an artists career, the artist was willing to change the font on the covers. I should have just left it at that - but that moral dilemma cropped up in my head. If others had the same font - did they know they had to get the license or were they not told like I hadn't been?
I still don't understand why I wasn't told up front that I had to obtain the license for something that was delivered and paid for and never mentioned during the conversations on the multiple discussions regarding the covers.
It was only when I wanted to use another artists work and that very same font, that I was told the font was only available for personal use. We had to contact the font owner for info on a commercial license and the new artist didn't feel comfortable with that.
Well, I had had cover artists ask other artists that they knew owned the commercial rights to a font to see if they would be willing to do the text on the art.
So I asked the one who did the trilogy if she had the commercial license for what was on the covers she delivered earlier in the week.
Only after I reached out to ask if she had the commercial license that I was told I had to buy it. Hers wasn't transferable.
That's when things went down hill.
I was trying to understand what she was telling me. And admittedly it just wasn't computing. If she had the commercial license, why would I need to also get it. Never mind why she didn't tell me in the beginning.
This is the first time I have ever encountered a cover artist who I contracted telling me that I was responsible for a font license that they were advertising on covers in their pre-made cover group.
I did not get it.
Had it been one I had seen and wanted that she didn't have, that is a different story, but she had several pre-made covers with this same font that were auctioned.
Then she told me this was the norm.
The author is responsible for font licenses.
Perhaps she meant in this instance, but that is not the way she came across. Then she removed me from the premade group. She said all her authors know that fonts are their responsibility. The way she responded was as if to make me feel stupid for questioning her. Which set off several alarms in my head.
She did make the change to a legitimate free commercial font, but in the meantime, I had already contacted the font owner regarding the original font but still hadn't heard back from him as the conversation escalated out of control.
I felt as if she had taken advantage of me because every cover artist I worked with before always informed me of license issues up front, not a week after the sale when I came back and asked.
I tried to explain this - she took it as an attack - I told her I wasn't out to get her, just trying to understand the situation because I didn't and with all the other cover artist issues coming to light - I admit, I was paranoid that she was cutting corners.
Well, after we parted ways, the font owner finally got back to me. He does require a per title license for his font. So she wasn't wrong, but I would have never known this if this conversation hadn't occurred.
That still bothers me.
Then he asked where the artist got the font (which I had asked in the course of the train wreck of a conversation - for this font as well as the others on the art she has sold me just to make sure there were no more surprises that I would eventually encounter).
The others checked out, but this particular font was the only one that was unverifiable on the bundle site she said she got it from.
Come to find out, the place she got the font never reported the sale of that font to the font owner (I'm not clear if he never sold it on that platform or if the sale was never registered). So he said he would love the receipt so he could give it to his lawyers.
Well, I made the mistake of asking if the artist had it. Not pretty at all - so I'm just leaving this here. And no, I won't name names, but suffice to say, neither of us will willingly work together again.
So the moral of this long and sordid story for both sides:
Authors ask for references, ask for proof of stock licenses, and font licenses, ask about illustrations - are they original or doctored pictures, you as the author have the right to this information as well as asking for proof if there are questions. If someone gets uppity about you asking - that is a red flag.
As for the cover artists out there, do not assume that the author knows they are responsible for font or stock licenses. Spell this out in your terms of service if that is the way you do business, if it isn't there, then it isn't clear. If you are using something as a placeholder to sell your art, and someone points to it and says I like the one you used on XYZ, tell them there is additional licensing costs BEFORE you use the font, or picture, or illustration. Assuming that the author knows this is a recipe for a law suit later on.
And finally, to those cover artists that are cutting corners to make a quick buck despite the risks they are opening the authors to, karma will catch up to you.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tangled Cover Reveal and other news

TANGLED: A Fractured Fairy Tale

How dark is obsession?

Imprisoned in a tower from the time she was old enough to walk, Danae longs to experience more than just what is within her ornate cage. But her mother insists the world is just too dangerous for a precious light-bringer.

When Danae encounters a disgraced dark-bringer, their combined power lights a fire within her soul, illuminating the tangled web of lies her captor has spun.

Danae learns that while her magic can renew hearts and heal wounds, it cannot erase the ultimate betrayal.

Pick it up now on the following retailers:

Or if you like the feel of a book in your hands, it's out in PAPERBACK, too! 

As for other news, as you can see from above, I'm going wide again with all my books and updating my website with all the links as they become available.  The lion's share of my books will be released from Kindle Unlimited on May 28th, so most of my titles will be wide as of May 29th.  A handful will be coming out in June, but everything will be wide as of June 19th!  

Thank you all for being patient while I gave Kindle Unlimited another whirl!

Until next time, 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

BRAVE Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

BRAVE: An Adult Fractured Fairy Tale

An ultimatum. A curse. A forbidden love.
May Stewart’s father, King James VII, demands she choose a husband within a fortnight. The list of approved suitors leaves her uninspired at the courtship festivities until fate intervenes, and an uninvited stranger sparks her interest.

Unfortunately, even uttering sexy Aiden MacMahon’s surname is a capital offense, for it whispers of a dark curse that dictates the daylight belongs to the beast on their family crest.

The MacMahon name is not a choice the king will allow for May, but she cannot deny the connection she has with Aiden.

When May discovers her own secret lineage holds the key to reversing the MacMahon curse, her choice of suitor becomes so much more than just a marriage match.

But choosing Aiden MacMahon could lead them both into death’s cold embrace.

Now for the skinny on a contest that ends on April 15th.

The grand prize (1 winner)is:
Signed paperback copies of RED, CINDER, and BRAVE along with a ribbon bookmark, a key chain, a magnet and a paperweight highlighting the gorgeous cover of BRAVE! 

Second prize (4 winners) is:
Ribbon bookmark, key chain, magnet, and paperweight.

Runner up prizes (6 winners) is:
Key chain, magnet, and paperweight.

Consolation prizes (2 winners) is:
Key chain

Enter here for a chance to win!

Good luck! And as always, if you read a book and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review.  It will make an author's day!

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