Monday, January 27, 2020

Wide again along with a big first in series Sale!

Sorry all you Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but I've gone wide again. 

And in order to gain back visibility in the online stores, I've made my series starters $0.99!  

Grab them now, because as of March 1st, these will all go back to their normal price!
These titles are available in e-book format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes/iBooks, Kobo, Google Play and also in paperback through both Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as and audio-book through Audible! 

In other news, the first two books in the Running from the Devil series are out and the third is due out on February 15th!  

Beneath is on sale for $2.99 until March 1st as well. So grab Beneath, Between, and Beyond, or 
pre-order the Complete Trilogy Set now! 

Happy reading!
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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Co-writing retrospective and a new release!

In 2019, I joined forces with Katie Salidas to co-write a series and today, not only did our first book go live, we wrapped up the last book in the trilogy.   Today is bitter sweet because I'm excited that our work has finally hit the shelves, but it also marks the end of the series and I thoroughly enjoyed writing with Katie.

This was my first foray into co-writing and I have to say I could not have partnered with a better author.  I had heard such nightmare stories about co-writing, but I did not experience any of the drama or ego wars that I had witnessed on social media in the past.  

I think the major thing that benefited both of us is that we beta read for each other.  I've read most of Katie's books and likewise, she's read most of my later books and was familiar with the world that Running from The Devil series takes place in. 

We knew each other's styles and they are similar.  Our writing process was different, but the key for us was communication and being able to truly brainstorm together.  All ideas were tossed out there and discussed and we both gave each other the latitude to create the story together without real restrictions.  It made for a really fun experience!  I had a blast writing this series and I hope you pick it up and enjoy reading it as much as we had creating this wild ride. 

Beneath is available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks and Kobo as well as Paperback.  Grab your copy HERE! 

An escaped demon and a snarky cat face off against the seven deadly sins.
Escaping from Hell was just the beginning of Phoebe’s problems.  In Hell, she had a position of legend. A marquis of torture. But on the human plane, she is just another New York City destitute.
Before she has a chance to get her bearings on the unforgiving streets, Fate steps in and offers her a chance at redemption, but it doesn’t come cheap.
She must bring in the demons that escaped alongside her while making sure no humans are harmed in the process. In order to do that, she needs to learn to live in the human world with the help of another one of Fate’s parolees, a snarky cat named Smoke.
If it means never seeing the halls of Hell again, Phoebe will do anything, even battle the seven deadly sins single-handed.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day! A sale and a new release...

Today is the last day that Book 1 in the Fire Cursed Trilogy is on sale for $0.99 in celebration of the release of book 3 - Judgement Day.

If you are on Kindle Unlimited, they can be borrowed for free.

Check them out here:
Fire Curse ($0.99)

Judgement Day ($3.99)

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kindle Unlimited and new releases!

In case you weren't aware, all my books are now back in Kindle Unlimited. So KU members, look me up and give my books a try.  See the limited edition First in Series Collection below to sample my work even if you aren't in Kindle Unlimited. The collection has nine series starters for the price of a single book!

If you are already a fan of my work and have been waiting for the second book in the Fire Cursed series, your wait is over! Homecoming is out now.

Pick it up on AMAZON!

Next up is Lilith, A Night Hawk Prequel. So all you fans of my Night Hawk series will finally get the origin story of vampires and Lucifer's downfall right here: 

Pick Lilith up on AMAZON!

And now for that First in Series Collection:

Nine titles for the price of a single book! Pick up First in Series on AMAZON today!

Look for the third book in the Fire Cursed Series in June 2019

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy December Release!


Lucifer’s daughter rises.

Faith Kennedy’s quiet life off the grid ends when her mother dies of cancer. Before her mother succumbs to the disease, she tells Faith who her father is.

The revelation terrifies Faith more than the thought of the state foster care system.
When Tom and Bridget Ryan step into the state home for girls, the course of Faith’s life changes yet again. With a new, less frightening future offered, Faith jumps at the chance to live in the light despite her newly found talents.

However, word that the devil’s daughter lives brings out dark supernatural entities, and each and every one of them either wants to control her or kill her.


Books 1-3

Silencing the Siren – Book One
Waking the Siren – Book Two
Hunting the Siren – Book Three

A protector. A lost soul. A siren looking for salvation.

Kylee Paradox never expected to be a protector of humankind, but when hell’s portals open and let loose the creatures of the underworld, she can’t see any other way.

Armed with an ultimatum, Kylee has no choice but to embrace her new position as bounty hunter of the damned. Sending these monsters back to purgatory becomes her life’s mission.

The only glitches in an otherwise noble pursuit are those who hold her fate in their hands. They forbid her from using her deadly siren song to lure the beasts back to the pit.

If she harms even a single innocent soul in her quest, Kylee herself will become one of the hunted.

I hope your Christmas is merry and bright and if you celebrate some other holiday this time of year that it is also merry and bright and your new year is full of love, laughter, and surprises!

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Signed Paperback #Giveaway!

Signed Paperback Giveaway

Are you in the mood for a free signed paperback of a limited copy no longer available? What about one that is currently available on the market?

If you are a US Resident - sign up for the giveaway and you just may get an extra holiday goody in the package if you are one of the twelve winners!

The link to enter is below!

Winners will be chosen at random and the books will be in order of prize entry on the giveaway.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November! New Release!

SNOW: A Fractured Fairy Tale
Dark magic has a price.
While the kingdom’s witches and warlocks were slaughtered to fulfill the queen’s insidious plans, Maggie White, the last pureblood sorceress, escapes with the help of her best friend and seven dwarves.

Maggie enchants a forest with a blood spell to keep them hidden from the evil queen. But the queen’s army of the dead are immune to the enchantment and bypass Maggie’s protections.

Even though Maggie has been battle-ready since the day she went into hiding, she is not prepared for the army of the dead or their tainted blades.

If Maggie loses her fight, not only will she watch those she loves die, but her life force will be sucked from her bones, and her magic will give the queen the ultimate power to enslave the world.
Grab your copy today!