Friday, April 30, 2010

Blogging. . .

May 1 is tomorrow, so I figured I’d write this like it’s the first post in May, but before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to give a shout out to my husband on this last day of April. Happy Birthday honey! Enjoy Maine and I’ll catch you on Sunday.

Quite a few of my Backspace brethren have book releases in May so without further adieu, check out these titles this month: William Mills - A 30 DAY RETREAT: A PERSONAL GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL RENEWAL, Emily Winslow - THE WHOLE WORLD, Marie-Claude Bourque - ANCIENT WHISPERS, Robert Gregory Browne - DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, Chris Grabenstein - ROLLING THUNDER, Boyd Morrison - THE ARK, and Marlys Pearson - HELPLESS. Congratulations folks and here’s to stellar sales!

Now onto my blog, which I am transforming a bit over the next few months. I’m going to start bringing in guest bloggers and doing author interviews instead of just my aimless rambling, and I’m also going to pledge to more than once a week. I plan on mixing up the questions as well, to bring more fun and snap to the Q&A sessions and leave the same repetitive blog tour questions at the door. I also plan on letting my characters take the helm as well. So hang on for a wild ride!

So far I have a handful of author’s booked starting with C.R. Moss at the end of May and Lauren Baratz-Logsted in June. I’ve also got a commitment from Anita Philmar for July and am currently nailing down a date with Jeremy Shipp. I’ll be filling in the schedule over the next couple weeks and as you can tell, I’m not genre specific here, I go from romance to chick-lit, to YA - to middle grade all the way to horror, so whatever your preferences are, I hope you will find some mind bending and enlightening posts here!

Anyhow, that about wraps it up. I’m off to take my son out to dinner. It’s rare that he and I are left to our own devices without my daughter or husband around, so it just seemed fitting to celebrate with an ice cream sundae!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cover Art, Memorial Services and Opening Day. . .

I've been thinking about what to write in my blog today and reflecting on the memorial service I went to last night and the little league opening ceremonies I attending this morning I figured I'd just ramble a bit about life.  But before I do, I've got to hand it to my favorite cover artist.  The rendering of the cover for Dark Reckoning is fabulous!  If I could give you a big hug, I would!  I may just have to hop on a plane to Australia just for that!
Now onto my reflections and ramblings.  

Last night I was lucky enough to celebrate the life of a business colleague.  In listening to the heartfelt stories from his family it got me thinking.  It wasn't the enterprise he built that made the differences in their lives, it was the personal connections, the relationships built that mattered in the end.  

So the importance of relationships is at the forefront of my mind this morning and how much I appreciate those that have given me their trust and respect.  Those that listen to me whine when I'm stressed, and those that celebrate with me when good news is announced.   I have a whole slew of folks that have helped me get where I am in both my day job and the writing side of life that I so very much appreciate and wish to let them know they ROCK!

The relationship I have with my children is pretty good.  Which is a blessing, they talk to me and I like to think I've inspired them to reach for their dreams. 

On the subject of my kids, today was opening day for little league in the town I live in.  So . . . PLAY BALL!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Dark Reckoning accepted by FIDO Publishing!

J. E. Taylor, suspense writer and Allegory E-zine assistant editor is delighted to announce the acceptance of her debut novel by FIDO Publishing. Dark Reckoning, scheduled for release on July 5, 2010, is the first in a planned series featuring undercover FBI Agent Steve Williams.

DARK RECKONING: released by FIDO Publishing ( on July 5, 2010:

A sadistic killer stalks the secluded college town of Brooksfield, New Hampshire. With bodies piling up and rumors of the murders being part of sacrificial hazing rituals, the FBI plants Special Agent Steve Williams in a fraternity at Brooksfield University. His investigation takes a ninety degree turn into the bizarre when he’s introduced to Jennifer, a clairvoyant co-ed who swears the killer isn’t human.
Steve considers the plausibility of the extraordinary, the unspeakable, even the inconceivable when his notebook starts bleeding cryptic messages. Messages that indicate Jennifer is at the heart of the darkness in Brooksfield.
When she describes her latest vision, a trail of violent deaths, including his, Steve asks the million-dollar question: Is Jennifer trying to help . . . or is she actually the one responsible?

J.E. Taylor’s short stories have appeared in Niteblade and Allegory and she has credits in three upcoming 2011 and 2012 eXcessica anthologies.
Her first erotic suspense novel Survival Games received a 4--star review from Manic Readers, an edgy, erotic, hang by the edge of your seat thriller that will be released on July 19, 2010 by eXcessica.( Mind Games and End Game, the final two in the Games trilogy are due to be released by eXcessica on November 29, 2010 and February 14, 2011 respectively.
Ms. Taylor lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children.
Visit her at

Friday, April 16, 2010

My first review. . .

I have to admit, I was ill prepared for a review like this. It left me breathless, and hyper and ecstatic beyond words. I set my expectations very low so I wouldn’t be disappointed when they started rolling in. I’ve seen some good writers filleted by reviewers, and who isn’t a bit insecure in their abilities - I certainly am.

So when I took a moment yesterday morning to open my email, and I found my first review notice, I gulped, not really looking (or comprehending - I saw it but it didn’t compute) the four stars indicated in the email. I clicked the link and started reading, and it wasn’t until I was halfway through that I realized it was favorable. But the last paragraph - the last paragraph was stellar. What every writer hopes to hear from their readers and I nearly fell out of my seat.

Dear Claudia Rhyes over at Manic Readers - you made my day. Hell, you made my millennium!

4 Star Spinning

This book had it all, and even though I started off not knowing if I would truly like the content, I was blown away by how honest, true, emotional, and frightening it really was. Jane E. Taylor has spun a story that is sure to catch reader’s attention and hold it until the last page. If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge, make your toes curl from the eroticism, and make you feel love and sorrow, then I would highly suggest Survival Games. I can’t wait to read the other two books in what is to be a wonderful trilogy. Bravo Ms. Taylor! - Manic Readers

I’m still expecting that bad review and I’m sure it will come, but until then, I’m going to ride the wave of this one, the euphoria and the validation that I don’t suck.

Survival Games will be released on July 19, 2010 in both e-book and paperback. You can pre-order the paperback on (or at least sign up for notification of availability). I really hope you folks will buy the book in one format or another and nearer to the release date, look for information on getting signed paperback copies!

Ciao - and here’s to a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grace and Graceless. . .

Last night I went to my daughter's dance recital at her magnet school. Fantastic, the girl has grace that her mother never ever had.

Case and point - I step into the theater, miss a step and sprawl on the ground. Mortification, people crowding asking if I'm ok. Muttering, hand flowers to a friend and climb to my feet ready to crawl under the seats. LOL. Yes that is me. I don't believe anything is broken, but man am I sore this morning.

I was in pain until the show started and then the moment she started moving on stage, I was captivated. Every time I see her dance, I am stunned by how good she is.
Every time!

Anyway - proud Mama thought she'd rant about how wonderful her daughter is!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday came and went and I forgot my blog . . .

Ok folks, pretend it’s Friday for just a minute. I was so intense in my quest to pound out 1k yesterday that I completely forgot about my blog. Oops. Sorry.

With that said, my first order of business is April shout outs: I’ve only got notice of two releases from my Backspace brethren and both roll out on April 6th: CLAUDE & CAMILLE: A NOVEL OF MONET by Stephanie Cowell and BETWEEN FRIENDS by Kristy Kiernan. So folks - check them out!

I expect the blogs to be short over April because I am involved in the April Backspace Marathon and have put out the 30k in 30 days goal for myself. That is very easy when I’m writing, however, I’m editing and trying to ADD that many words to two manuscripts that once comingled in a single novel. How am I doing it? I’m adding new scenes to up the ante and adding much more detail and internalizations to enhance the situation. So a thousand words a day is definitely a challenge!

Well, in the spirit of the marathon - I need to get back to work. Happy Easter everyone - hope you are enjoying this fabulous weekend!