Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kindle Unlimited and new releases!

In case you weren't aware, all my books are now back in Kindle Unlimited. So KU members, look me up and give my books a try.  See the limited edition First in Series Collection below to sample my work even if you aren't in Kindle Unlimited. The collection has nine series starters for the price of a single book!

If you are already a fan of my work and have been waiting for the second book in the Fire Cursed series, your wait is over! Homecoming is out now.

Pick it up on AMAZON!

Next up is Lilith, A Night Hawk Prequel. So all you fans of my Night Hawk series will finally get the origin story of vampires and Lucifer's downfall right here: 

Pick Lilith up on AMAZON!

And now for that First in Series Collection:

Nine titles for the price of a single book! Pick up First in Series on AMAZON today!

Look for the third book in the Fire Cursed Series in June 2019

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