Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Persistence . . .

Someone asked me today what the secret of my persistence was. He was blown away that I wrote 7 novels in a little over a year while juggling a full time job but what he didn't know is I've had the stories locked up in my head for twenty years and when I finally opened the gates, the flood began.

It has slowed a bit, but it could be that the current stories aren't fully baked in my head yet so it is coming in dribs.

So many people have commented "Where do you find the time?" I made the time and didn't sleep much for a while - but that eventually catches up with you, but the writing, the creative outlet, actually sustains me. It gives me energy, believe it or not. The day job saps the energy from me that writing puts right back.

Yes, my family has suffered. Mom isn't cleaning the house or cooking all that often, (I never liked either all that much anyway) but I'm happier and the excitement of finishing a novel or short story is contagious. And they get excited when an envelope comes in the mail and share the disappointment of rejections (there have been A LOT of rejections). I figure it is good to let them see both the disappointment and the resolve of ok - onto the next avenue. It's character building.

So what types of sacrifices do you make to do the things you love?

Monday, August 25, 2008

New to this Blogging world

Hi all,

Figured I'd get my feet wet and start a blog. It seems to me these things can be both very helpful and entirely useless depending on the forum. Today's blog will fall into the useless category I'm sure, but never the less, here I am.

Anyone else find writing these things a bit like leaving a voicemail? Aimless one sided banter where you don't say much at all?

I'm sure I'll have more useful things to say in the future, however, right now I'm in the middle of the GREAT PUBLISHING search.

In the meantime - Have a great day!

Thanks for taking a gander. . .