Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tangled Cover Reveal and other news

TANGLED: A Fractured Fairy Tale

How dark is obsession?

Imprisoned in a tower from the time she was old enough to walk, Danae longs to experience more than just what is within her ornate cage. But her mother insists the world is just too dangerous for a precious light-bringer.

When Danae encounters a disgraced dark-bringer, their combined power lights a fire within her soul, illuminating the tangled web of lies her captor has spun.

Danae learns that while her magic can renew hearts and heal wounds, it cannot erase the ultimate betrayal.

Pick it up now on the following retailers:

Or if you like the feel of a book in your hands, it's out in PAPERBACK, too! 

As for other news, as you can see from above, I'm going wide again with all my books and updating my website with all the links as they become available.  The lion's share of my books will be released from Kindle Unlimited on May 28th, so most of my titles will be wide as of May 29th.  A handful will be coming out in June, but everything will be wide as of June 19th!  

Thank you all for being patient while I gave Kindle Unlimited another whirl!

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