Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stormy skies and intense story lines

Welcome to the first Saturday in September.

Today felt more like the dog days of summer as opposed to September, with the heat and humidity forcing us into the air conditioned comfort as opposed to lounging on the front porch.

We did take a walk to the water, where I pulled my classic version of grace that only I can pull off.  I did a slow motion slide on a slippery rock and ended up unintentionally sitting in a nice cool pool of water. It was the only spot on the rock that had a tide pool too. What are the odds?

I didn't get hurt, so I can laugh about it and I was near a full on gale when my husband extended his hand to help me up. Of course, he was just rolling his eyes at my complete klutz move - which didn't help quell the laughter.

I also didn't know whether to just sit in the puddle until the sun dried both the rock and me, or get up, because now my white shorts (yes, white shorts after Labor Day) showed a pretty clear view of my ass.

That was my morning. And as I mentioned above, the humid heat drove us inside, but we still had an outstanding view of the water. By around one, the clouds had started their afternoon march and the light show over the water started in earnest along with the baritone booms of thunder that shook our little abode. I love thunderstorms, even when it becomes questionable to sit in an aluminum/fiberglass room with a laptop on my lap.

Hey, you only live once, right?

Well, this stormy Saturday gave way to some really intense prose as I'm near the final stretch with Trinity's Wrath.

Here's a little excerpt from today's writing.

The stench of evil permeated the small road and I gathered my wits, focusing my power and nearly unleashed the cleansing angel fire until an echo of sobs reached my ears. The place wasn’t empty and my gaze bounced to the other buildings. Shadows moved in the abandoned shells and I realized this was a place the homeless congregate.
That fact tempered my reaction and I wondered if this was a trick. Either way, I had to make sure innocents were clear. My heart hammered in my chest, making my skin pulse as I stalked closer to the opening. The blubbering got louder as I approached, and I backed against the wall, listening to the plea of whoever was inside.
The rattle of chains caught my attention and I stepped into the opening.
The sight before me nearly took me out at the knees and I had to blink a few times before I understood just what Lucifer was doing.
Chains meant to destroy pulled my father in multiple directions. Bloody welts covered his body and the image of my mother in that chair from the movie turned my stomach. Except, instead of Frank Aris slicing her skin, it was my image.

I knew this was meant for me to see, and the words flowing from my doppelganger’s mouth were meant to crush my father’s spirit to nothing. I had never seen my father blubber or beg, and hearing the pain in his voice as Lucifer sliced another piece of my mother’s image was unbearable.

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