Friday, May 30, 2014

Blood Bewitched Cover Reveal

Author: Ashlynne Laynne
Series: The Progeny Series
Book #5
Publisher: Q-Rotic Press
Cover Art: Cora Graphics
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genres: Paranormal/Vampire/Witch/Interracial
Expected release: Fall of 2014

BLOOD BEWITCHED (The Progeny Series #5)
“Nothing in life is a coincidence.”
Forces are aligning in Shauna Rousseau’s life. A gifted Wiccan warrior and unique true half-blooded vampire, she is fate personified with an incredible destiny to fulfill. The ultimate war between good and evil is brewing, a revolution that will change our world forever.

Sides are being chosen, but Shauna has some unfinished family business. With her siblings and husband by her side, the pregnant newborn travels to Louisiana to shake her family tree. Lies are uncovered that will irrevocably damage the siblings’ lives.

Everyone has a past. It’s time for Shauna Rousseau to face hers.

Other Novels of The Progeny Series
The Progeny (Book 1)
Blood Bonds (Book 2)
Blood Promise (Book 3)
Blood Reborn (Book 4)
Yearning: A Blood Reborn Novel (Book 4.5)

About Ashlynne Laynne
Ashlynne Laynne is a songwriter, poet and author of erotic paranormal and contemporary romance, who has always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun-loathing creatures of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music that is of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny. 

She loves writing on the edge—combining the erotica and romance genres—and thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the wicked, damned version of Romeo and Juliet. She is currently working on book six of her Progeny Series, book one of her upcoming Alterity Series, and several novella spin offs. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family. She juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write exclusively one day soon. Find and follow her online on Twitter. Check out her Manic Readers page, Blog and Website, or leave a note in her Reader Email.

She lives in the Carolinas with her husband and son.

More About Ashlynne
Zodiac: Leo
Favorite Music Genres: Alt Rock, 90’s Grunge, Pop
Favorite Musical Acts: Maroon 5, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Imagine Dragons, Florida Georgia Line, Adele, Rob Zombie, Robin Thicke, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Drake, Justin Timberlake
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Anne Rice
Foods: Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, Chicken Alfredo

About The Progeny Series
At its core, The Progeny Series is simply about a man and woman who fall in love. The fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors.
This series encompasses a family dynamic of which we’ve never seen.

The Rousseaus share a common mortal and immortal bloodline, but loyalty is the thread binding this vampire clan. Shauna and Ascher’s dissuaded love only strengthens the family bonds. Their unique union transcends bloodlines and completes the prophecy, defying the beliefs of centuries old covenants while shattering the wall between the Wiccan and vampire worlds that have existed for ages.  

This series is erotic paranormal romance intended for adults and contains strong sexual content, adult sensuality, language and themes.

Ashlynne’s Links

The Progeny Series is available for purchase at Amazon US  Amazon UK   BN  Smashwords  i books  Kobo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Six degrees of Ty Aris...

This month has been really busy with the release of Fallen and Saving Grace.

Yes, Saving Grace has been released early on select distributors!

And I got to thinking about how many connections and fictional lives Ty Aris has touched. 

Here is the list of what books he has appeared in chronological order of his life:
1. Fallen
2. Survival Games (Free!)

These stories span from his childhood all the way to his death, and beyond. From the innocent to the jaded, he's transformed from good to evil and redeemed himself a time or two. He has been by far the most fun character to write and now, with the new Ryan Chronicles Series we will get to really know his son, CJ.

So, let’s play the game and from the pool of answers, I’ll pick a winner and they will get a choice of an audio version of any novel except Fallen and Saving Grace, or any e-book of your choice.

Name these connections...
What were the names of Ty’s lawyers?
Who sold Ty the property in Maine?
What was the name of the Judge that married Ty and Jessica?
What's the name of the doorman at Ty's building in New York?

And an indirect, much more obscure connection...
Who managed Ty’s portfolio?

Good luck and thanks for playing...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Saving Grace Release Date Announced

Saving Grace is scheduled for release on June 15, 2015! 

Pre-orders are available on ITunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo and it will be available everywhere else on June 15th!

Here's a preview to give you a little taste...

I didn’t want to deal with that type of irritation, not with the foul mood brewing under my skin.
The minute I stepped into the house the level of noise fanned those flames and I gave a nod to everyone in the family room. My gaze lingered on my brother’s and even without the benefit of mind reading, I knew he wasn’t handling our father’s death well. I sent him a nod and escaped into the basement, to our workout area. Specifically, to the punching bag.
I stripped my jacket, tossing it into the corner and approached the bag, allowing the turmoil inside to curl my hands into fists. The first jab felt good, the scrape of the leather across my knuckles, the slight give of the bag, the rattle of the chains, all fueled me and my jabs became full punches, each one more brutal than the other.
Scenes from the past few days snapped off in my mind, each punctuated by my fists connecting with the leather. The faster the mind show, the faster my fists flew and the more my fury bloomed. My breath labored and I finally let out a warrior cry and slammed my right fist in the center of the target with everything I had. The bag flew across the basement, smashing into the far wall, disintegrating into a puff of Styrofoam.
I stared at the mess and then my gaze dropped to my hands still clenched at the ready. Blood flowed from my knuckles and I loosened my fists, wincing at the first sign of pain now that I wasn’t numb with anger.
“Ah, fuck.” I turned toward the stairs and stopped.
“Finished?” Tom signed from his position at the bottom of the stairs.
“What do you think?” I snapped, dropping my throbbing hands to my side. Warm trails of blood dribbled down my fingers, the sensation distracting and calming at the same time.
“I think you’re just gearing up,” he signed and cocked an eyebrow. “Want to tell me what happened?”
The air went out of my chest and I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk about Sandy and I sure as hell didn’t want to talk about fucking a demon.
“Are you okay?”
I let a bark of a laugh loose. Am I okay, well, that was the fifty-thousand-dollar question and I shrugged. “Are you?”
He looked beyond me at what was left of the punching bag and shook his head. When his eyes found mine, they glistened with an unshed layer of tears.
My laughter faded and I took a closer look, not just at his physical appearance, but his mind as well. The severed head of my father brought back the nightmare he endured in Georgia and I crossed, pulling him into a hug. The kid deserved better than what he had been dealt and while he had shut me out at that time of his life, I was the one who he turned to this time.
“I’m sorry I took off,” I said when the shakes started, I wasn’t sure if it was Tom or me who was trembling, but he was the one crying and holding on like I was the only thing keeping his sanity in check.
Fear radiated from him and without words, I got the litany of nightmares that plagued him these last few nights. Nightmares that he carried alone. Not even Steve had been privy to his sweat-induced terror. Past and present had blended into a carnival of blades and blood, wreaking havoc on everyone he loved.
He couldn’t articulate to Raven, not in any way that communicated the depth of the horrors he faced. It had been years since Georgia haunted him and now it was as if the killer had risen in his nightmares, taking vengeance on him for surviving.
“That’s not the first time Dad lost his head,” I said when the shakes stopped.
Tom pushed me away, his damp face cracking a smile. “You’re sick,” he signed and then mopped his face with his sleeve.
I grinned and looked at the floor. “Yeah, well, sometimes all you need is a well placed joke.”
Raven Heart - book 2 in The Ryan Chronicles will be out later this year instead of 2015!