Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pre-order function now available on Amazon

I don't know about other independent authors, but I was pretty excited for the pre-order option to become available on Amazon for those of us who load through their Kindle Direct Platform. 

With that now available, I can set pre-order dates for the books I have scheduled to be released. For both my own books and those of the publishing house.  

I'm excited to announce the pre-order availability on the third book in my Ryan Chronicles: Trinity's Wrath as well as the Trilogy boxed set

The actual release date on these books is October 17th and I am so jazzed with Trinity's Wrath.  I hope you love it as much as Saving Grace and Raven Heart.  

CJ Ryan's life seems to have fallen into place, and while the backdrop of his Hawaiian honeymoon provides the perfect healing elixir, the guilt of sentencing his father to an eternity of torture at Lucifer's hands starts to intrude on his happily-ever-after. 

When he and Valerie return from Hawaii, a note from the king of hell greets him, outlining in sickening detail his plans for CJ and those he holds dearest. 

With everyone he loves on Lucifer's hit list, CJ must start living up to the bargain he made in Heaven, but every one of Hell's gates he closes is one less portal available for his father's escape.

Pre-orders of Trinity's Wrath are available on 

The Trilogy is currently only available for pre-order on Amazon.

Novel Concept Publishing also has a pre-order release: 
The second novel in The Charlotte Hayes series from S.S. Lange.

Check it out:

Charlotte Hayes struggles to put the mistakes of her past behind her. With her focus on her law enforcement career, an obsession with stopping her sister's wedding, a lot of caffeine, and a chance meeting on a plane, she might just be able to shed the darkness shrouding her and move on with her life. 

Special Agent McKinney's orders are to keep Charlotte Hayes alive. However, secrets are piling up and his balancing act between her safety and a slew of unexpected emotions wreaks havoc with the biggest case of his career. 

Unfortunately, for both McKinney and Charlotte, the men responsible for her near destruction will stop at nothing to enact their revenge.

So, if you're a fan, you can select the pre-order option and the book will automatically be delivered onto your e-reader on the release date. Like all other pre-order options, you won't get charged until the date the book is released!

Happy reading. 
Until next time,

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Funny story about Microsoft Word spell check…

Okay, so I just had quite the laugh and thought some of you out there would get a kick out of hearing about a little slice of what life in my home is like.
“Honey, can you take a look at this?” My lovely husband asks…
I take the piece of paper, assuming my husband wants me to proof read it – and I notice right off the bat, he’s misspelled something. And it’s a critical something in a lending agreement. Barrower instead of Borrower.
I turned and gave him a cross-eyed look and point it out immediately.
Of course, he isn’t too happy with me. I get the “just read it and tell me if it makes sense before you start doing your editing thing”, but for me, letting something like this go is like asking a frightened child to let go of your hand and walk into the haunted house alone.
Not. Going. To. Happen.
And being the intellectual man he is, he doesn’t believe me when I tell him it’s wrong. And his defense – “Spell check didn’t flag it. It’s a valid word.”
Well no duh, barrower is a valid word, just not the RIGHT word. And calling the borrower a ‘castrated pig’ (the funniest of the definitions, and the one that got me rolling laughing) is not going to go over well.
Well, we both laughed after I showed him the definitions and he went off and fixed it, but this serves as a funny example of something I’m sure we’ve all done.
Well, maybe not calling someone a castrated pig by mistake, but, well, you know what I mean.
It’s one of the reasons having a proof reader is so critical, or reading something aloud before you press that send button because we, as the author of the document, or email, or book, don’t necessarily pick up on our mistakes.
Especially when the spelling is valid.
Spell check is definitely a double-edged sword, a way to visually see issues (red for incorrect
spelling and green for possible grammar infractions) but it can also be a faulty crutch, like we see in this situation. While it can safely identify your spelling and grammar infractions, it doesn’t always know what you’re trying to say and if you use autocorrect, you could end up in a pickle.
Just look at the iPhone autocorrect examples that have gone viral.
Pretty funny in the confines of your living room – but pretty embarrassing once you send the message, the letter, or let a book go to print.
Thanks for hanging with me for a bit and I hope this provided you with a little chuckle!
In the meantime, check out my newest release, Saving Grace,  if you have a chance, and look for my next release in The Ryan Chronicles, Raven Heart, coming out next week!