Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cover Art, Memorial Services and Opening Day. . .

I've been thinking about what to write in my blog today and reflecting on the memorial service I went to last night and the little league opening ceremonies I attending this morning I figured I'd just ramble a bit about life.  But before I do, I've got to hand it to my favorite cover artist.  The rendering of the cover for Dark Reckoning is fabulous!  If I could give you a big hug, I would!  I may just have to hop on a plane to Australia just for that!
Now onto my reflections and ramblings.  

Last night I was lucky enough to celebrate the life of a business colleague.  In listening to the heartfelt stories from his family it got me thinking.  It wasn't the enterprise he built that made the differences in their lives, it was the personal connections, the relationships built that mattered in the end.  

So the importance of relationships is at the forefront of my mind this morning and how much I appreciate those that have given me their trust and respect.  Those that listen to me whine when I'm stressed, and those that celebrate with me when good news is announced.   I have a whole slew of folks that have helped me get where I am in both my day job and the writing side of life that I so very much appreciate and wish to let them know they ROCK!

The relationship I have with my children is pretty good.  Which is a blessing, they talk to me and I like to think I've inspired them to reach for their dreams. 

On the subject of my kids, today was opening day for little league in the town I live in.  So . . . PLAY BALL!


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