Thursday, September 25, 2008

Having a mini-OMG attack!

It's almost October and I haven't thought a lick about Christmas - Yes I said Christmas. Yikes. In past years, by this time I have had all my shopping done or at least the list of things I plan on buying for friends and family.

It's almost October and that means Halloween - Ghosting in my neighborhood. Another thing to put some thought into - I need to put together 2 packages to Ghost my neighbors and then there is Halloween candy for all those kids (over 150 in my neighborhood). Again - Yikes. I'm unprepared.

Before we know it Halloween will have passed us by and then comes Thanksgiving - we host - of course - Another lovely crazy time. But again, no thought has gone into this either. I usually get my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving complete with the family news letter and I haven't even contemplated that.

And then the big one. We are hosting my husbands crew again this year and always have my family overnight on Christmas eve. And again, no thought, no prep.

The grand planner has no plans! This realization leaves me a little edgy. I need to go plan gifts, meals, newsletters, and festivities. Yikes.

This time of year always elevates the stress factor. In addition to being the family chauffer to all the events that the kids are in, the planning and execution of all the events sometimes feels daunting, especially when I'm in the midst of editing a book and I'm sure there will be deadlines placed in that realm as well.

Anyone else stressed now that it is fall? I'd love to hear about some of your holiday shenanigans and your favorite stress busters!

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