Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Backspace Conference

I'm getting ready to head down to the Backspace Conference tomorrow to meet some of the on-line writers that I've been talking to for the past year or so and I'm incredibly excited!
I'm also doing a two minutes - two pages session with a couple agents. Frankly, I'm nervous. Speaking in front of a group always makes me nervous. Just hoping I'll pull it off without looking like a total idiot - LOL.

I'm having dinner with a publisher that I've been talking to for over a year. Maybe something will come of it - but maybe it's just a dinner to finally meet in person. Who knows.
It's a tough business, tougher than the securities industry but I'm up for the challenge. I'm feeling the Irish luck smiling down on me - and it's still May - the month I seem to have incredible luck. Perhaps this will be my year.

Thanks for swinging by! Have a wonderful weekend all!



SharonK said...

Hey there - was hoping to hear how that dinner w/the agent went... Great meeting you in NYC!

JETaylor said...

Sharon - it went well - it was wonderful to meet her in person and we talked for a little over two hours. She took the first four chapters of Mirror Lake and still has interest - but her schedule is packed right now. That won't stop me from still getting it out there with Agents and such. It was really great to meet you as well!

SharonK said...

That's good to hear, and encouraging!

Good luck, looking forward to staying in touch!