Monday, July 13, 2009

The Nightmare that is Editing!

I recently took it upon myself to combine two books and pare it down into one kick ass manuscript. At least that was the original intent and after peeling away close to 60 THOUSAND words, I think I’ve gotten there. The best of the two stories in one killer thriller.

But anyone who’s attempted this feat can understand the pain of looking at every chapter, every scene, every sentence and every word going – do I need this?

The exercise alone gave me a ruthless insight into editing – whether it is to shorten like in my case – or just refine a manuscript into a crisp, fast, compelling read.

It is painful to look at a beautifully written passage and shake your head saying – This is nice, but it really lends nothing to the story. And therefore it finds itself in the delete bin with the rest of the cut scenes, like trails of film on the cutting floor. Our babies dying a cruel but necessary death.

Ugh, and you thought a stake in the heart was painful!

Now that Hunting Season has been shrunken and honed to a fine read, I can get back to finishing the first draft of Georgia Rein.

To all those out there that are in the throws of editing, I feel for you, but remember – do what’s best for the story!

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