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Manic Monday with J.G. McKenney

Welcome to my Manic Monday guest series! Today I have the pleasure of handing over the reins to J.G. McKenney. J.G. McKenney is the author of Eon’s Door, a young adult high fantasy available in kindle edition and paperback through, and as an e-book through other major online retailers.

The Importance of Promotion to Self-Published Authors
Guest Post by J.G. McKenney

First of all, I’d like to thank J.E. for this invitation. When I agreed to write this guest post some weeks back, I had no idea what I was going to talk about. I considered solely promoting my own work in the hopes of making a few sales, but that seemed selfish and disrespectful. However, that first inclination made me realize just how important promotion is for the self-published author. I had my topic.

When I finished writing Eon’s Door, I did what most writers do: queried agents who rep my genre of book. To keep a long story short, over a year of concentrated effort, a recommendation from a best-selling author, a few close calls, and a lot of waiting, I decided to look at another option: self-publishing.

Why? Well, first of all, I knew I had a good book and the thought of it languishing in a drawer was horrifying; I simply had to get into readers’ hands. I also was very unhappy with how slow the traditional publishing world moved. Even if I found an agent, it would take many more months (if not years) to get my work published—if it was published at all—and I wanted it out there as soon as possible so I could get on with writing more stories. Finally, the idea of having control (over the cover, formatting, and editing) was something that really appealed to me. I hired some good people to do the things I couldn’t do and learned a lot on the way. But I got it done. I had a book that, in all respects, looked great. Now what?

This is where I learned just how hard—and necessary—it is to promote yourself and your work. I’ve spent the last two months doing little else; maintaining a website and blog, keeping a presence on forums and discussion sites, and posting giveaways to get my book “out there”. And I know it’s just the beginning. Until I see consistent sales through word of mouth and the power of online retail algorithms, I’m going to have to keep finding ways to get people to notice what I’ve written. And then I’ll have to start the process all over again when the next book is done.

Is promotion fun? No, but it’s something self-published writers must learn how to do if they are going to find any level of success. I’m still learning and will continue to take advantage of every opportunity I have to talk about my writing. Ahem…like this:

Eon's Door should not be open.

Two thousand years after three clans flee the world of humans through Eon's Door to find sanctuary in a realm called Erla, a prophecy left to them by the ancient race that created the tree portal is coming true. A trusted sage has stolen the portal's key and is using the awesome power that separated the worlds to tear apart the very soul of Nature. The key must be taken back and Eon's Door closed--before it's too late.

Hope lies with a "child of doubt" from the world the clans left behind and the courageous young Erlan who's been sent to find him. Together they must retrieve the key and close Eon's Door. It won't be easy. Abominations of beasts and trees stand between them and their goal. Even worse, the sage knows the prophecy and is expecting them.

The LL Book Review said: "If there's a thing that stands out in this book it's the depth...I recommend this book to everyone who's a fan of fantasy and wants something different...a brilliant addition to my extensive collection."

Thank you for swinging in on this Manic Monday! Can you all believe the summer is almost over?

Catch you again on Friday when I highlight some new September releases.

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