Monday, March 5, 2012

Manic Monday with Jasmine Dubroff

Welcome to another Manic Monday. Today I’ve got Jasmine Dubroff on tap. Jasmine is a horse rider, an author, a reader, and a lover of Mythology and ancient history. She’s been writing for the past five years and just last September she self-published the first half of my book “Beauty In Itself”, which is the first book in the Omega Series.

She currently lives on Cape Cod and is writing up a storm with the second book in the Omega Series, named “The Three Gifts” along with her version of the Eros and Psyche Myth called “More Than Life”.

Check out “Beauty In Itself” on and Jasmine also has a few free reads as well. Links for her free online reads along with “Beauty in Itself” are listed at the bottom of this post.

Without further adieu – here’s Jasmine…

Writing From The Soul

By Jasmine Dubroff

I do not know where it comes from, this hunger, this need to write, to create, but this passion is a part of my soul and from my soul these words pour onto parchment and screen alike. I am a writer, an author, it is within my soul to create, to share ideas, beauties, loves and tears with the world and no man, woman or any other being can tell me it is not as such.

I cannot tell you how to write, that comes from within you, a place so deep inside that you yourself may not have known it existed until you began writing. That is where those words come from, those times that creativity flows from you and the words you type are almost written by some muse rather than yourself, and as you look back at them, you find it hard to believe that you could write something so wondrous.

There are times when I cannot write a word for weeks, then suddenly, it happens. Sometimes it is like a lightning bolt, an idea so astounding that is leaves you stunned as you try to write or type it down as quickly as you can, not caring about misspellings or mistakes of any kind, so long as you get the idea down in its entirety before this perfect thought leaves your mind. Other times it is more subtle, like a whisper on a breath of wind that gives you the need to write, even if it is just a few good words.

NEVER force yourself to write, if the words do not come to you, come from within you, then the results will be less than satisfactory. Writing is a lot like life, you never seem to end up where you expect to be, but always where you needed to go.

The greatest stories have a life of their own and take control so that the writer feels as if he or she is merely a vessel, a kind of messenger writing these words down while they are being whispered into your mind. It takes just one idea, sometimes just one word to inspire you to start writing, and once it gets inside of you, there is no stopping it. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, ideas will come to you and drive you mad until you finally write them down.

My friends, my fellow writers and authors, pour every ounce of your soul into your writing. Your hopes, your dreams, your fantasy’s, your loves, your losses, your pains, your sorrows, your triumphs as well as your failures, everything that has made you who you are. If you do so, you will find as I have that as your understanding of yourself shifts and changes, so too will your writing evolve into something greater and more beautiful.

You are a writer, a creator, a voice and a pen, a keyboard and a screen. If writing is as much a part of your being as it is of mine, then please, do yourself and the world a favor and do not lose heart in your works, for they, like you, are beautiful. And remember my friends, there is no ‘can’t’ in writing, the possibilities are endless.

Jasmine Dubroff

Author of:

Beauty In Itself: Part One:

Beauty In Itself: Part Two:

The Three Gifts:

More Than Life:

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Anonymous said...

Is Jasmine Dubroff the same Jasmine Dubroff who was 3 years old when her 7-year old sister Jessica died in the plane crash with her instructor Joe Reid and dad Lloyd Dubroff?