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The interrogation of SSA Ellie Conway & SSA Doctor Kurt Henderson

I am SSA Ellie Conway and the guy who looks a bit like Kevin Costner is SSA Doctor Kurt Henderson. We’re special agents with the FBI, in particular we’re half of Delta A. Delta A is a specialist team that predominately investigates serial crime.I’m the main character in The _Byte Series novels by Cat Connor and Kurt, Lee and Sam are my trusty sidekicks… probably best they don’t hear me say that though.

In March 2012 the fourth Byte novel by Cat Connor, FLASHBYTE, was released by Rebel e Publishers. I guess we’re here because Flashbyte has a lot to do with us, more so than Lee and Sam (who are the rest of Delta A). For me personally, Flashbyte, was a total mind fuck, I’m sure Kurt will agree with that. The cases we dealt with have left a lasting impression on us all. One of us nearly didn’t make it, you’ll have to read the book to find out who.

We thought it would be interesting (maybe) if we asked each other the same questions Cat likes to ask other unsuspecting folk. Not sure how this will turn out but let’s give it a go!


Ellie: What’s your favorite meal, Doc?
Kurt: Just about everything my mom used to make. I’m a guy. I eat what’s put in front of me. Similar to you Conway.
Ellie: I’m not a guy.
Kurt: I know. Trust me I know. I meant we’re similar in our eating habits.

Kurt: Here’s one for you Conway, it’s perfect. Describe your current mental status.
Ellie: I don’t think I can. That blinding grin reflecting off your face is very off-putting, Doc.
Okay, my current mental status is stable.
Kurt: Really, you’re going with stable?
Ellie: Uh huh. Problem?
Kurt: I think you should go with mentally hilarious.
Ellie: Yeah, well, you’re not me.

Ellie: Doc, do you have a favorite coffee or tea?
Kurt: Not really. I do like both. I’ve been trying to get Conway to drink more tea and less coffee. No luck so far.

Kurt: Conway,try andwalk these poor people through a typical day for Delta.
Ellie: Do we ever have a typical day? Let me think, how about the day I woke up dead? Nah, not really typical. Okay, Just recently, the day you and I headed to Lexington to investigate a spate of deaths in a hospital.
Kurt: Do you even remember that day?
Ellie: Good point, my memory of our recent trip to Lexington is sketchy. Excuse me while I take this opportunity to point out that you can all find out what happened in Lexington by reading Flashbyte.
Kurt: Smooth, Conway, real smooth.
Ellie: As for a typical Delta day… it starts early, runs late, and involves a lot of paperwork. Sometimes, in between the early start and late finish things blow up, people shoot at us, and the shit hits the fan.
Kurt: What do you mean sometimes?

Kurt: Hand gun or rifle, Conway?
Ellie: Hey, that’s two questions for me in a row, Doc.
Once I would’ve said hand gun all the way, but now, I’m quite comfortable with both. I doubt I’ll ever be a really good sniper, I’m not patient enough.But damn picking up a rifle every now and then is fun.

Ellie: Are you left handed or right handed, Doc?
Kurt: Left-handed for most things, right for some.
Ellie: You going to share what most and some are?
Kurt: Not what you think… let me rephrase, predominately left-handed. That’s all you’re getting.

Kurt: How many times a day do you check your twitter stream, Conway?
Ellie: Not as many as I used too, not since the #wheresmymail killer. But I do still use Twitter, I’m just more careful with my use of hash tags these days.

Ellie: Name the top four things on your bucket list, Doc.
Kurt: You’re using this as a fact finding mission, nice Conway, real nice.
I don’t think I can share the top thing on my bucket list, so moving down the list we have.
     2. A vacation in New Zealand - I didn’t see enough when we were there a year or so ago.
     3. Get my pilots license.
     4. Runaway and join the circus.

Ellie: Kurt, what is the most random thing you have ever done?
Kurt: Joined Delta A. It’s not for everyone.

Kurt: If you’re not working, what are you most likely doing?
Ellie: That’s easy. Spending time with my daughter and Rowan, and we also have Delta A dinners every week - that obviously depends on us not being away or whatever. We do try to get together socially at someone’s place on a Sunday. It’s nice to kick back and have some fun with the team and our families.

Ellie: Kurt, Whiskey or Bourbon?
Kurt: Whiskey, single malt.

Kurt: Ellie, what are you carrying in your pockets and on your person, right now?
Ellie: One moment while I empty my pockets… a tin of mints; a packet of tissues; a keychain with keys, flash drives, and SD cards attached; a safety pin; my credentials and badge.
That’s it for my pockets.
On my belt I’m wearing a Glock 17, two extra magazines, and handcuffs-both steel and plasticuffs.

Ellie: Ebook or tree book, Kurt?
Kurt: Depends. I don’t have a preference. When we’re traveling, eBooks are easier. At home I read both.

Ellie: Kurt, favorite apocalyptic scenario?
Kurt: Working with you Conway, I suspect you’re one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.
Ellie: If I’m one then you, Lee and Sam are the other three.
Kurt: Damn!
Ellie: I always thought of us as Musketeers. This horsemen of the Apocalypse thing is disturbing - now I’ll spend the rest of the day trying to figure out which one of us belongs to which horse. I have a nasty feeling mine won’t be the white one.

That’s about it from us… there is a real danger that Kurt’s apocalypse thoughts will get deep and meaningful - no one wants that! If you’d like to find out more about us we feature in killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte and Flashbyte. Our books are available in all eFormats and in paperback worldwide.

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