Monday, October 20, 2008

I learned to shoot a gun today!

Finally, after years of wondering what it feels like to hold a gun in my hand, what it feels like to pull a trigger, it is no longer a mystery. So very worth the experience. I wish I had given it a go sooner!

I was lucky enough to be coached by a friend who had an assortment of handguns for me to try, so I could get the feel of each, a unique experience to be sure. My favorite was a toss up between the 9 mm and the .40 caliber semi-automatic. I liked the weight of the .40 caliber he had, but it had a hell of a kickback, so my control wasn't as evident. The 9mm was a bit heavier with less of a kickback, and I was able to get to the point that I was hitting the target paper, not within the 9 or 10 score area, but solidly in th 8 range.

Most accurate shot was the .22 - I actually hit within the bullseye circle - not dead center but still within that inner circle with the .22 once I figured out how to use the sights correctly and once I relaxed a bit. Most of the shots with the .22 after I figured things out were within the 9 and 10 circles. This one had very little kick compared to the 9mm and the .40 caliber.

Gives me a whole new appreciation for those that are adept at shooting and a feeling of awe for those that are considered experts. Kudos to police and armed service men and women who mastered this!

All I know is I want to do it again!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stuck in the Mud

Ok, since the beginning of October, I've been in re-write mode. I've done a fair amount on the second half of the book, but the first half is still for the most part, unwritten. Oh, I've got eleven chapters done, but now I have to get from here to a critical scene in the middle of the book and it is coming S-L-O-W.

I need action and tension peppered with mystery sub story line.

It's not as fun as when the words flow. :(

I'm sure I'll get where I want and once I do, the faucet will turn on again, but for now, I'm getting a wee bit frustrated. On top of that, my other half has made every excuse not to read what I've written, even when I've asked him. Talk about wanting to take a hold of an iron pan and swing away.

Thanks for listening to me whine. It is much appreciated along with any advice on how you jump start the story when you're moving slowly.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Jazzed!

Ok, so it isn't a contract in hand. But an oral option to purchase my book when I've made the requested edits is nothing to brush off.

How did this come about? I saw a publisher reply to some comments in one of the on line forums I am in and took a shot in the dark. I asked her what type of books she represents, and by reaching out, I struck gold.

You know that feeling - the zing that happens when you really connect with another person. You talk and it feels like you've known each other for years, but it's only been an hour . . . you are on the same exact page with your views and goals . . .

Well, that's what happened and even though I'm well aware (painfully so) of the risks involved with small vs big publishers, I can't help but fall back to that connection. Without it, any sort of relationship, whether it is personal or professional, falls flat.

So I embark on a new uncertain journey of revising the manuscript in hopes that by this time next year, I will have contract in hand and a concrete release date for my first book!

Can you believe it?