Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun with Jeremy Shipp!

Today on my blog, I have the distinct pleasure of having Jeremy C. Shipp as my guest. He’s an author of Bizzaro, horror, dark fantasy and magic realism and was nominated for a Bram Stoker award for his latest novel, CURSED. While preparing for the forthcoming collapse of civilization, Jeremy enjoys living in southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse with his wife, Lisa, and their legion of yard gnomes.

So without further adieu. . .

[JET] One of the first things that intrigued me about you is that your profile states you live in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse. Can you define moderately haunted?

[Jeremy] We do have ghosts, but they’re rather lazy. They don’t help out with the housework, and they don’t even scare me most of the time. Once, one of them made an old doll rise out of a mound of ash in the attic, but lately, they’re about as frightening as Chilly Willy.

[JET] Paper or Plastic?

[Jeremy] Little Jackie Paper would obliterate Little Jackie Plastic in a battle to the death. First of all, Little Jackie Plastic can’t move. But more importantly, Jackie Paper has a dragon on his side. A dragon who knows kung fu.

[JET] Steak or Tofu?

[Jeremy] I’m vegan, but I don’t eat much tofu. I do enjoy a nice Smurf steak from time to time. You see, Smurfs cells contain chlorophyll, so they’re actually plants.

[JET] Beach or Mountains?

[Jeremy] I prefer the mountains, but only because sea monsters don’t like me. Because I keep tickling them.

[JET] Country or Rock-n-Roll?

[Jeremy] I like Rock-n-Roll, and I like rocks that roll. If Sisyphus hears that I feel that way, he’ll probably roll in his grave.

[JET] Classics or Modern?

[Jeremy] I prefer the classic Strawberry Shortcake characters to the modern versions.

[JET] Vamps or Wolves?

[Jeremy] Vampiric wolves are the best, because they have two sets of fangs.

[JET] Zombies or Demons?

[Jeremy] Demon babies are much cuter than zombie babies. Demon babies only drink the blood of the cutest baby animals, which increases their adorableness by up to 230%.

[JET] How cool was it to be nominated for the Bram Stoker Award?

[Jeremy] Being nominated was slinkster cool. I was shocked, and honored, and I peed a little in my pants.

[JET] Would you mind telling us about your latest project?

[Jeremy] My newest short story collection, Fungus of the Heart, is coming out later this year. I’m also working on a short film, a comic book series, a screenplay based on Cursed, some short stories, and I’m writing a new novel about a weird, loving married couple who set out to save the world.

Thank you!!!

[JET] Thank you very much for such an entertaining morning! Folks, you can find out more about Jeremy and his writing at

He is on Twitter and Facebook too!


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TLBrink said...

I'm suddenly not as fond of demon babies as I was.... A film based on Cursed though will rock the universe!

Donald Conrad said...

entertainmently spiff-o-matic and thank yuh.

Angelle said...

Loved this interview. Your answers, Jeremy, had me rolling on the floor. Good luck with your next project. Loved your short stories.