Friday, May 21, 2010

Such Dirty Little Stories…

Folks, today I have Author C.R. Moss guest blogging on my website.  Please give her a warm welcome!

When I first started pursuing and learning the craft to be a writer my main focus was in the horror genre. Back then (we’re talking high school) a judge in a contest I had entered told me I could be the next Stephen King. To me that was a wonderful compliment. Several years later a friend introduced me to the romance writing market through Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor. I fell in love with that story and, soon after, her novel Remembrance became my favorite. At that point, I shifted gears in my writing…but not completely…

This is evident in my Dirty Little series of books where I embrace my horror roots once again. For the most part the first two Dirty Little stories came about after listening to Apocalyptica’s song I'm Not Jesus, the rest just evolved on their own. As for the stories, they follow how a demon has set his sights on a family. The first one, Dirty Little Secret, is not a romance in any sense of the word. In it the demon is born and it’s a straight up erotic spook fest, which after reading my critique partner said “Creepy.” The second, Dirty Little Lie, is my first m/m story. The demon and his love interest (the father of the family) go on a cruise and head for Grand Cayman. Dirty Little Lie though more of a romance was still said to be ‘very creepy’ by my crit partner and has a HEA… Well, at least in the mind of the one character they’ll live HEA… The third story, Dirty Little Trip, sees the demon going after the ex-wife.

Released on May 15 was the fourth in the series ~ Dirty Little Girl. The demon now has his eye on the daughter and sends his son to corrupt her.


One bite and life will never be the same… Tired of living with her crazy mother, Jamie Sue embarks on an adventure of her own seeking life in a big city. A strange urge prompts her to stop and stay in Las Vegas so she gets off the bus and settles in. When she meets her golden angel, Michael, she believes she's found the love of her life, but things aren't always what they seem. Will the bite of his love change her forever?


Rachel's teachings, though thorough and helpful, could only take her so far and didn't help with the evil she sensed on a constant basis. "Look, Rachel set up this meeting for me because she said you could help train me so I can track down mine and my mother's dead-beat boyfriends. I don't understand what the deal is with all these questions and why you seem to think I have special powers. Rachel explained my story to you."

Master Dante leaned back and rubbed his chin. He puffed on a cigar. A dark eyebrow rose over a speculative gaze that kept focusing on the area near the juncture of her neck and shoulder. "Yes, Rachel told us all about you, but I want to hear what happened in your own words. So please, continue with your story and tell me how you came to find Rachel and then us. Then I will explain why I believe you have the exceptional qualities the Sect has been waiting for."

Jamie Sue rubbed the area he kept staring at. The wound itched beneath her clothing. It was finally starting to heal after months of oozing, clotting over, scabs dislodging and oozing some more. Rachel said she'd have a nasty scar from it. She didn't mind. It would be her badge of honor, a reminder why she made it her life's mission to find Michael.

Then on June 15th the fifth book in the series, Dirty Little Demons, will be released. This story is much longer than the first four, which are under six thousand words. For a sneak peek, check out the trailer here:

Happy Reading!

C.R. Moss

Worlds of Possibilities

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