Friday, June 25, 2010

Dishing it up with Lauren Baratz-Logsted on her One Question Blog Tour

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Lauren Baratz-Logsted in her one question blog tour. She is one of the most prolific and diverse authors I know with successes in various markets from Chick-lit to suspense to young adult and even broaching the young readers market with her Sisters 8 series.

Lauren took the plunge into the writing world in November of 1994, after working in a local indy bookstore in Westport for the better part of eleven years. Success didn’t happen overnight and between 1994 and May of 2002, she worked as a book reviewer, a freelance editor and writer, and even a window washer in order to supplement her writing career. But in May of 2002, Red Dress Ink called with an offer to buy THE THIN PINK LINE.

Since receiving that call, Lauren has published a total of seventeen books including MARCIA’S MADNESS - the latest in the Sisters 8 series released on May 3, 2010 and her newest YA novel, THE EDUCATION OF BET which is scheduled for release on July 12, 2010.

So without further adieu, here is my question in Lauren’s one question blog tour:

[JET]: What made you switch up genres from Chick-lit to Middle grade/YA? Which genre do you prefer? Why?

[LBL]: It's even more complicated than that! In addition to adult Chick-Lit, I've had an adult literary suspense novel published, Vertigo. And in addition to YA (teen) and middle grade (9-12), I have The Sisters 8 series for young readers (6-10). About the only thing I don't do at this point is board books.

Of course you're right in that my first several books published were all for adults but there was never a conscious decision to change things up. I simply got the idea for what would be my first published YA novel - Angel's Choice - and realized during the process of writing it that what I'd thought was going to be another adult novel was in actuality a YA novel by virtue of the voice telling the story. Before I knew it, I fell in love with writing for teens and soon discovered there were other age groups that I had stories I wanted to write for as well.

I can't say that there's one genre I love above all others - I love it all, and that's why I'm crazy enough to attempt it all! That said, I do love writing for teens because there's so much range in YA these days and the audience is still excited by new-to-them ideas. And I really love working on The Sisters 8 because I created it with my husband Greg Logsted and our 10-year-old daughter Jackie. What could be more fun than getting to work on a series with my own kid??? I can't think of anything.

[JET]: Lauren, I have to admit I can’t think of anything more fun either!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and answering my leading, multiple point question. :)

Lauren’s books are available at your local bookstore as well as online.

To learn more about Lauren, please visit her at her very cool website:

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