Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Night Lights and a contest for a free signed copy of Survival Games!

I just received a 4 nymph review from Literary Nymphs and I'm  stoked.  I also have a very special guest on my blog tomorrow -- Former NFL Linebacker Bill Romanowski -- and in light of my top of the world mood - I thought I'd have some fun with both our fans!

So here's the deal. . .
Anyone who comments on my blog tomorrow in a creative manner including both the phrase '4 nymphs' and any of the subjects I talk to Bill about will be considered in a drawing to win a signed copy of my novel Survival Games.    

You can increase your chances of winning by doing two things: 
1.  If you also ask Bill a question in addition to the 4 nymphs comment -- you will get two entries in the drawing.

2.  Creativity counts as much as asking questions - so if I find the entry particularly entertaining - or if Bill comments about the entertaining quality of your comment - you'll get an extra contest entry in the pot!

The blog will be up at 12:01am EST Friday 6/11 (tomorrow) and all comments meeting the criteria that are entered through 12:00am EST Saturday 6/12 will be placed in a drawing.

The winner gets a personalized signed copy of Survival Games!

This contest is only available at my Blogspot Blog - so be sure you're in the right place!

See you tomorrow!

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