Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday with John D. Rhodes

My Manic Monday Guest today is John D. Rhodes, author of Mr. Memory.

John has been writing for nearly 30 years but only now, thanks to modern technology and Amazon, have he been able to publish some of his work. He has written well over 40 short stories and 4 full length novels.

His work tends to live in that part of the universe where things are very similar to our reality, but with a tinge of the strange, an off kilter reflection, a mix of sour and sweet. This is not science fiction or horror but a fantasy fiction where things are not quite what they seem, animals can talk and sometimes the hero is not and the villain is, and just maybe there is a happy ending for some of the characters.

So without further adieu...

The Boss

I have somebody who is responsible for making sure I do the things I’m supposed to do at work (yes proper regular work where I receive a salary, for now anyway, and I don’t mean until I strike it rich as a top selling author; these are unstable times I’m afraid). This person is ‘The Boss’.

Now I’m not an anarchist, I fully understand that in some cases there does need to be an individual in most organisations who carries the burden of this role. And I have to confess that I am indeed an individual who has underlings who I manage (though if you were to ask these dear people they may disagree from several standpoints). I only do this you understand in order to earn more than they do to enable me to keep my family to the level of luxury to which they have now, I’m afraid, become too much accustomed to.

Yes we have television and a computer and even, goodness a fridge freezer! Every now and then we even venture out in the car (a modest thing that I free wheel down hills) and visit local parks and er.. parks (they are the best way to sample the fresh city air you know and, as long as you don’t visit a cafĂ©, quite inexpensive).

But what makes a good boss? In my many years of subordination I have served many ‘bosses’. Some where fastidious in their authoritarianism and clearly enjoyed the fear they tried to instil (though most of these only succeeded in bring a tear of mirth to my eyes and providing good fodder for my future literary works). Some were so supportive and full of energy that if I could replicate one percent of their management skill I’d never even give this writing thing a thought! The best ones are the ones who listen and actually make changes (if they like your ideas that is – some have perfected a way of smiling and nodding and sleeping all in one).

The ‘Boss’ – what does it mean to you? And while you ponder that I hear mine calling – tea is ready, I have the beds to make, the toilet to clean and the scullery to scrub before bed time, chat soon I hope!

To find out more about John and his book, check out Mr. Memory here on Amazon!

Swing in on Friday when I’m dishing it up with P. J. Jones!

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J. R. Tomlin said...

Great post. I really enjoyed it. I need to work on getting my boss up to speed. :D