Thursday, November 10, 2011

Georgia Reign Blog Blitz

Hi folks! Welcome to another fabulous Friday.  We've got power and heat and internet - so I'm a happy camper. 

I'm also very pleased to introduce my main character from Georgia Reign.  Special Agent Steve Williams is here today to talk about his latest case and the challenges he now faces. 

JET: Thank you for talking with us today Agent Williams...

SW: -Please call me Steve.

JET:  Thank you for joining us today Steve.  Can you tell us a little about your current case?

SW: Yes and perhaps someone in the listening audience will have some information that will help us track down this unsub.  He's a tricky bastard, luring kids away from their parents with a dog of all things.  I can't imagine anything more heinous than what he is doing to those children.   The more I dwell on it the angrier I get and whether I like to admit it or not, that sometimes clouds my perception - and in the past it's driven me to do things I'm not particularly proud of to solve a case.

JET:  I gather you're talking about the Kyle Winslow case.

SW:  Yes.

JET:  Can you elaborate a little on some of those situations?

SW: Early on in my career, I was an undercover operative in several key cases.  The most notable was a joint FBI/DEA case to bring down New York's most prominent cocaine lord. There were several situations where I had to compromise my integrity in order to keep the undercover ruse from unraveling and in the end, that case blew my undercover career. 

I also made some questionable decisions in the aftermath of the attack on my family but I was hell bent on catching Kyle Winslow.  

JET:  Have you had any close calls?

SW:  *laughs* You could say that. 

JET:  Can you expand a bit?

SW:  Let's just say I've seen the light a time or two, but never crossed over. 

JET:  I understand you're a pretty good shot.  What's your favorite firearm?

SW: Well, I'm pretty versed with the Glock 22 - which is standard issue in the Bureau but I have to say, the slickest gun, besides the Tommy-gun Charlie Wisnowski owned, was the one he gave me for Christmas.  It's now locked up with state's evidence and I'm not that high on getting it back considering Charlie killed a fellow officer with it.  But I have to admit it was sweet.  A Smith & Wesson 45 with a gold eagle inlay.  Very slick. *sigh*

JET:  So how do you see this latest case playing out?

SW:  I catch the bastard before he kills another kid. 

JET:  And after that?

SW:  Who knows.  Maybe I'll retire but more likely I'll just keep trying to stop the monsters.

JET:  Thanks for joining us today!  Folks you can find out more about Special Agent Steve Williams at the following places:

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Thanks for swinging in and if you have any questions for Agent Williams, he'll be on tap all day.

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Next week, I've got Danielle Kazemi, John Blackmore and N.R. Wick on tap.

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