Friday, February 24, 2012

Dishing it up with John Blackport

Today, I have the pleasure of dishing it up with John Blackport, author of Raingun and Resolution.

JET: Can you tell us about your most recent book?

John: Resolution is the sequel to Raingun. In it, Rick directly confronts his temptation to rebel against the established order. He still feels the same internal conflict, but the stakes in the world around him are rising fast.

Rick’s guarding a mining camp full of slaves, and he sees a lot of cruelty. But the same army that is the instrument of the slaves’ oppression, is also protecting the people from other (very real) threats. The decision to start (or join) a rebellion isn’t easy, and anyone who decides to do it will find themselves neck-deep in many other decisions that must be made. And all these decisions are difficult.

JET: What’s been your most challenging hurdle on the road to publication?

John: Editing. I love the process, it’s just hard to find time to do it.

JET: What was your favorite moment in the journey?

John: I love the second half of the editing --- when the checked part of the checklist is bigger than the unchecked part. It all starts to come together, like a sculpture that finally looks like its subject. At that point, you can experience the same satisfaction building a novel that you’d get from building a house.

JET: Which authors had the most influence over you growing up?

John: Hmm. James Thurber. Edgar Allan Poe. Mark Twain. George Orwell. John Le Carre.

JET: When did you know you wanted to take the plunge into the writing world?

John: Oh, I’ve wanted that forever.

JET: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of book research? Most interesting fact you uncovered?

John: Sometimes I drive to specific spots, that remind me of the perfect setting for specific scenes I’m writing, and just hang out there, trying to make the setting a part of me. The farthest I’ve ever gone for that was an hour and a half from my home.

JET: Of all the novels and stories you’ve written - which one is your favorite? Why?

John: My favorite might be The Drillerist. I’ve always been impressed by the dedication of ancient and medieval surgeons. Those that understood the scientific method understood just how much there was to learn, and how slow their progress was. They understood they didn’t have a chance of seeing their efforts bear fruit in their lifetimes. And they understood just how pervasive the superstition was that they were up against.

JET: Any advice for the novices out there?

John: Don’t misinterpret advice to “Never give up”. Sometimes, you should give up on a specific endeavor. I did it a few times. I always came back to writing, but I often gave up on short-term goals and projects. The point is to shift your efforts into something more rewarding, or more productive.

JET: All right - now that I’ve hammered you with the big questions, let’s tackle my favorite (and geeky) quick ten…starting with…Paper or Plastic?

John: Paper! The rise of e-books will reduce overall paper production and reduce the environmental impact of that entire industry.

JET: Steak or Tofu?

John: What, no Port?! I mean, Pork?! (Actually, pork and port would be good). Um, Tofu!

JET: Beach or Mountains?

John: Beach! The food is better!

JET: Country or Rock-n-Roll?

John: Bhangra! Oh, that’s not a choice. Rock-n-Roll, I guess. It’s close.

JET: Top 10 best seller or Unknown Back Shelf Find?

John: I’m gonna go against the “indie” grain and say Top 10 Best Seller. Though I sort of sense that changing about myself.

JET: Zombies or Demons?

John: Zombies.

JET: Paper or Digital?

John: Digital.

JET: Silent Film Classics or Cheesy B Rated Horror?

John: Cheesy B Rated Horror!

JET: Sword wielding ninja or Gun toting momma?

John: Gun-totin’ momma!

JET: Coffee or Tea?

John: Coffee. Straight! Black! No sugar, no milk, no nothin’ wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

JET: Thank you for indulging me. Before we wrap this up, can you tell us what you're working on now? What's next?

John: I’m starting the editing on the third book of The Raingun Chronicles. The title’s Balislanka, which is the name of a place. Rick moves against Lucan, a powerful necromancer, in a decisive confrontation. He wants this over with, to concentrate fully on what he truly wants to do: clean up the injustice and corruption in the country he loves.

JET: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat on my blog. Folks, you can find out more about John Blackport’s books on his Amazon Page.
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