Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Ryan Chronicles coming in... 2014?

Yes, the first book of The Ryan Chronicles is coming this spring as opposed to the originally scheduled 2015 date. 

While I was supposed to be working on FALLEN, which is the prequel to the Games series, CJ Ryan just wouldn't shut up. He wanted first dibs on my muse, not the story of how his father went from being a cop's son to being Frank Aris's accomplice in Survival Games.

So... the first book in The Ryan Chronicles is now on the schedule for release this spring.  And the cover is stunning, don't you think?

Here's a brief description for you all...

When CJ Ryan's girlfriend decides life is less complicated without him, CJ travels a destructive path into despair, walking the line between doing what's right and doing what feels good. But what feels good is a dangerous slope to travel, especially when Lucifer wages war for his soul.  

One wrong step and CJ could fall into the devil's trap, becoming no better than the demons he battles.

Look for an announcement as to the exact timing of this release in May!

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