Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Free for All Sale!

Happy Halloween Free for All Sale!

The following books are free today – October 31st - only.

Click on the titles above the photos to purchase from Amazon!

Happy Halloween!

Trilogy and Anthologies:

The Death Chronicles Trilogy (YA Fantasy)

Glimpses (Mainstream Short Story Collection)

Steam (Erotic Short Story Collection)

Young Adult Fantasy/Superhero Novels:

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Highway to Hell

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Mainstream Short Stories


Abyss (Available in Glimpses)

Armageddon (Available in Glimpses)

Harvest Moon (Available in Glimpses)

Grayson House (Available in Glimpses)

Nightmares (Available in Glimpses)

Erotic Short Stories
House Rules

Miami Heat (Available in Steam)

The Raising (Available in Steam)

Office Games (Available in Steam)

The Seduction of Sir Galahad (Available in Steam)

Mile High (Available in Steam)

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