Sunday, November 2, 2014

When series collide...

Whether you're a fan of the Steve Williams Series or the Games series, or even the Night Hawk and Ryan Chronicles series, you may wonder if the same characters are found in other books. Yes, they don't seem to want their story to end and crop up in the damnedest places.

It really all starts with Ty Ryan and I'll map out the books in chronological order for you and include where he crosses into a different series:

1. Fallen
2. Survival Games
3. Mind Games
4. End Game
5. Hunting Season (Book 3 in The Steve Williams Series)
6. Georgia Reign  (Book 4 in The Steve Williams Series)
7. Crystal Illusions (Book 5 in The Steve Williams Series)
8. Saving Face (Book 6 in The Steve Williams Series)
9. Trinity Rising (Book 3 in the Night Hawk Series)
10. Angel Grace (Book 1 in the Ryan Chronicles)
11. Angel Heart (Book 2 in the Ryan Chronicles)
12. Angel Wrath (Book 3 in the Ryan Chronicles)
13. Black Magick (Book 2 in the Magick Series)
13  Angel Blood (Book 4 in the Ryan Chronicles)
14. Angel Fire (Book 5 in the Ryan Chronicles Series)
15. Angel Fury (Book 6 in the Ryan Chronicles Series)

If you're looking for the boxed set instead of individual books:
The Games Trilogy (Survival Games, Mind Games & End Game)
The Steve Williams Series (all 6 books in the banner)
The Night Hawk Trilogy (Night Hawk, Tigress & Trinity Rising)
The Ryan Chronicles Series (all 6 books in the series)

As you can see from the banner above, there are two books in The Steve Williams series prior to the introduction of Ty into the series and Steve is also featured in the same books going forward that Ty has a supporting role in.

Look for more from these characters in 2015!

Enjoy and thanks for loving my characters as much as I do!
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