Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Angel Fire is LIVE and $0.99 cents for today ONLY!

Get your $0.99 cent copy today on Amazon! 

Angel Fire is only available via Amazon and if you are a Kindle Unlimited user, you can get this book for free. Not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber? Then snatch this e-book up today for $0.99 because tomorrow (Wednesday 11/11/15) it goes back to the full price of $3.99! 

In the aftermath of his wife's death, Tom Ryan cannot breathe when his three-year-old daughter, Hannah, is out of his sight. His over protectiveness falls into the realm of paranoia, born from the fear that Lucifer is not done with him yet. 

When that same apprehension manifests in his daughter, he realizes he needs to deal with his issues before his terror poisons Hannah’s innocence. Just when he manages to get a grip on his separation anxiety, his worst nightmare comes to fruition. 

Desperate to save Hannah from the devil's grip, Tom will do just about anything to get her back, even if it means the ultimate act of betrayal. 

Here is the link to the book on Amazon for your convenience.

Happy Reading! 

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