Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jenny Craig Week 11

Half a pound.  Not bad considering I was in New York at the beginning of the week and didn't follow the menu and it's "that" week for me, so I'm a wee bit bloated. 

On the down side, it doesn't look like I'm going to lose the 5 pounds I wanted to this month.  Don't think that will drop in a week, especially with Thanksgiving this week.  I might hit three, but five pounds seems a little out of reach.  I could probably do it if I starved myself -but that defeats the purpose here and I don't want to run that type of marathon.  It's a cheat to the body and soul. 

So I keep on plugging away at the last fifteen pounds.  Little by little it will come off.  I'm almost at the halfway point, so that will be a win when I hit the twelve and a half pounds.  My whole goal was twenty-five pounds and when I signed up, I thought it would be faster than this.  But when I look at the goal in comparison to my starting weight - I'm trying to lose close to one fifth of my weight. In that framework, that's a huge number.

I got through Halloween without breaking stride - but November has been a challenge and a bit of a plateau according to the scale - but not according to my measurments - so the story is bigger than just the scale.

For instance:
I've lost five inches in my chest, four inches in my waist, four inches in my stomach and five inches in my hips.

My clothing fits better and I feel much better than I had carrying that weight around on my little frame.

Anyway, you folks have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Catch you next week when we find out if Thanksgiving derailed my progress or not!

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