Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jenny Craig week 5

Ugh.  Got on the scale on Friday morning and I was the same damn weight I was at the end of week 4.  How irritating.   I only digressed one day this week and had lunch at work during a vendor presentation - half a buffalo chicken wrap and a huge salad with Jenny dressing.  Not on the menu per se and it could have contributed to the lack of weight loss.

Then I took my measurements.

OK - I lost a half inch on my chest, waist and stomach and a quarter inch from my hips. Now the non-weight loss doesn't seem so bad.

I did up my work out to 45 minutes a day - that may be translating into muscle tone and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. 

So now I'm not so upset.  The weight isn't coming off as quickly as I anticipated, but I am fitting into my clothing better and am generally feeling pretty good - with the exception of the tendinitis in my shoulder. 

Next week I get to have my menu tailored to what I ordered instead of the set menu from Jenny Craig. So all my favorites, which makes it that much easier to stick with the diet. 
Here's to hoping next week is better from the scale perspective.

In the meantime - I just received my proof for Vengeance and I'm so jazzed.  It is lovely.  Can't wait until November 1 when it is released!

Don't forget, I've got Jonathan Maberry here on Friday - come join us for the fun!


iamshelleyc said...

Don't dive up! I just started last week... checking out other bloggers on the program... mine's Verbal Diarrhea on Blogger...

Don't give up...don't!

JETaylor said...

Thank you. I'm not planning on giving up and good for you for taking the step into better health!