Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jenny Craig Week 13

The week from hell - truly.  I started off just fine - but then on Tuesday - things started going awry with the family and that threw my schedule completely off - so from Tuesday on - I didn't exercise and on Thursday, I had a little fender bender which threw my back out - so that kind of screwed up my physical fitness plans Thursday and Friday. 

What did all that amount to on the scale? 

No loss. 

But I did lose a quarter inch on the measurement side.  So - not a total loss. 

I'm hoping this week will be much better.  I think the things come in threes curse is done (daughter sick on top of the wisdom teeth deal,  son twisted his wrist in Jukido and then the accident) - so my plan is to get back on track this week and hopefully see scale results.  :) 

Cheers to all those who have chosen to do something about their weight and I hope my written journey gives you a little boost. 

Until next week...

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