Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jenny Craig - week 26

Another half pound drop - yay!  And an INCH off my stomach measurement.  I'm back on track - which feels fantastic!

Now I just need to get into the groove with excercise - consistency is needed. 

The closer my goal gets the more impatient I get.  I want that figure now - and this slow burn is annoying, expecially in this immediate gratification society. 

But I know doing this slow is the right way. 

So patience and perserverance is key.

Until next week


David Lender said...

J.E. Even walking is really good exercise. Even if you have plans for other forms, it's a great way to start and will allow you to feel like you're adding exercise to your program without overwhelming you. Congrats on your progress do date.

JETaylor said...

Thanks David - when the weather gets better I do walk - especially in the summer - we have a place on the beach and I walk the 2 mile trek every day I'm up there. :)

Suzanne Tyrpak said...

Good interview, Thea. I love the beach too, but I live in the mountains.