Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jenny Craig week 27

No loss (and more importantly - no gain) this week - but that isn't bad considering I started off the weekend after my last weigh in going completely off the program for three days. 

Day one - co-worker at my house and I cooked pepper steak - which I had 2 helpings for lunch.  Bad girl.   I also had it for dinner that night - but only one helping then. 

Then Saturday - my daughter's birthday party - big ass sweet sixteen party so that included: Pizza, Cheese & Crackers and cake.  And Sunday wasn't much better with the party continuing and a big breakfast, and leftovers for lunch and dinner. 

And equally as bad - no structured workout on the weekend.  I did walk around at the party snapping pictures and carted stuff in and out but I didn't do my gazelle or anything that weekend.

I got back on track Monday - but still to end the week stepping on the scale and seeing no gain after the crazy weekend was a big win. 

Now - back on track with no major events coming until the beginning of April.  Happy dieting!

Swing by on Friday when I am dishing it up with David Lender, author of Trojan Horse!

Until then,

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