Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jenny Craig - Week 28

Another half pound - WOOT! 

Nice end to a week of craziness.  My PT is now over - or at least going to the center is - but I have a slew of exercises that I'll keep up with to get some of the last range of motion issues worked out. 

I'm getting antsy for our beach place to open - once that does, weekends will involve a lot of daily walking and who doesn't like to walk on the beach.

When I started the Jenny Craig adventure, I was hoping to hit my goal in 3 months, but that turned out to be unrealistic.  Even 6 months was unrealistic considering I was only looking at a grand total of 25 pounds.  I'm 8 pounds away and it has been 7 months.  In the beginning I averaged close to 3 pounds a month - which is a respectable loss, especially when encompassing the holiday season.  In the last couple of months it has slowed considerably - to a pound or two a month.  I'm hoping I can get to goal by July - by my birthday.

So here's to that end goal - it's finally within sight and I'm feeling great, nevermind looking pretty good too, fitting into all my old clothes.

Hope you all are meeting and exceeding your goals too!  


M.J. Fifield said...

I had a writing goal that I set in February but didn't actually get accomplished until just the other day. So I met my goal. Eventually. Not sure about exceeding any goals though. That will come later, I'm sure.

I'm also looking forward to being able to get outdoors so I can walk/run more. I hope it won't be long now!

JETaylor said...

M.J. congrats on meeting that goal!

Hopefully spring is just around the corner - although it's snowing as I type this.