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What causes love and attraction by Misty Wright

What causes love and attraction?

Human designed to have two different organs that he or she is going to use. This two has inside our body but has different function, the other is our brain who’s going to think and decide what we are going to do while the other one is the heart whose feelings and attitude are working in it. This two must combined to interact the best way in order to perform the exact idea they are going to decide. In loving, this two has different role. It’s the best way that we must know what it is.

Let’s talk about their main responsibility. First is heart, focuses on love. It is heart where you can fell what love is. And if you love someone, heart never tells us who he/she is, the important is that you love him/her. Heart beats when you see someone special to you, attracts on your eyes not outside appearance but in the inside aspects. If your heart tells that,“this might be my dream boy or my future wife”, it’s not because he’s handsome or she’s beautiful, but because his/her attitude is different to the others you encountered.

That’s the causes of love exist in every individual who felt this feeling.Love with the deepest feeling is always happy and enjoyable. Whatever big mountains upon your way or falling debris above your head, by the power of love, nothing can beat your love. When the relationship creates the true meaning of love, there is something that no one can push them back. But the brain says that it is enough. If you are going to love someone, you must consider what are some factors involving love.

Think something that might be helpful for you when it comes to relationship. It is not just love at all; you must provide a checklist when you looking for something you are going to love. This is how brain works, brain choose someone that can attracts him. He cares about all aspects such as inside attitude and outside appearance. 

Attraction works in the brain when he saw something important from his checklist about love. Connecting with your heart to a brain must be fully aware so that you can choose the correct love you are finding;it will help you understand the wholeness of love. From the first time, if you attract someone you can now say that it is love at first sight and this time love and attraction occur. Heart and brain must combine to achieve the true meaning of love.

Every individual knows this feeling when you go inside in a relationship. Many change their appearance so that many attract him and it also change the way he or she traits to anyone. Girls use make-up and fancy jewelries or clothes to attract boys while boys dressed what’s girl attracts. Physical attractiveness works in this situation. People attract what they saw beautiful and wonderful.

Some people attract to individual if he or she saw someone that is similar to what he like. Whether in attitude or according to what he did every day.  This time, they become more attractive to a person if they are binding each others want. There are so many things that attraction to someone occur until love begin. It is by physical appearance, attitudes, social and cultural background, personality, interests and activities. The most important is you must establish a good relationship.

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