Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday - comment to win a copy of Mind Games!

It's the last Friday in September and I've had a LONG week. 

Backtrack to last Saturday's workshop.  In case you're wondering, my pitch went eh.  At least in my mind, I stuttered and stumbled through the pitch and then took a second to gather my wits and get things straight.  Then the agent threw me a curve ball and asked since the pitch was YA - what is the story's lesson? 

What?  A YA story HAS to have a lesson?  I have no friggin clue.  I didn't set out to write a story with a moral.  This really threw me.  I know my eyebrows raised at that.  But I quickly got my bearings and said it's about hope in the face of impossible odds - or something along those lines.  Anyway, long story short - the agent asked for pages - pages that if I want a quick response, I need to record and send on a CD along with the synopsis.  How fun is that? 

I was all prepped to do this and then the cold from hell hit.  Ka-bam!  Knocked me on my ass and now I'm still sniffling and all nasally with a scratchy voice.  My husband calls it my "man voice" and offered to raise his real high to offset mine.  Lovely man, isn't he.  Well, he did get a chuckle out of me on that comment.

Now that I'm on the mend, I can start catching up on some of my ancillary responsibilities.  I still have a handful of eXcessica stories to format, a couple RWA contest entries to judge and a few stories to read for Dark Recesses before I ask for another cool dozen from the Allegory submissions.  That's all before I return to editing Dome Warriors - the story I pitched last week.  It needs some necessary chopping and cleaning in more than just prose - there are some scenes that probably shouldn't be in a book for 16 year olds and up - which is my target audience. 

I have some very interesting interviews lined up for October and I'll announce them next week in my First Friday blog.  I'll also be updating the calendar on my website so you folks can quickly check who my guests are or where I'll be, especially as November gets closer and my next releases come out. 

Anyway - just for giggles, since I have a few extra copies of my second book in the Games series - MIND GAMES, anyone who comments will go into a drawing for a copy - US residents can choose between the paperback and an e-book, international folks will have their choice of e-book format. 

I'll pick a winner on Tuesday at 9pm and announce it in the Jenny Craig Week 3 blog that's posted on Wednesday. 

Thanks for swinging in!

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