Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jenny Craig - week one

Hi folks,

I figured I'd do a little something different here on my blog and document my progress on the Jenny Craig diet.  I figure it'll keep me honest and maybe those that are thinking about taking a plunge to get control of their weight will jump on in with their experiences. :)

What prompted me to make this type of change?  I turned 45 this year and frankly, losing weight over the last few years has been a bitch.  I've yo-yoed up and down the spectrum - but never gotten down to my desired weight, at least not the weight I was before I got pregnant with my son and he's now almost eleven.

Here I am with my daughter this summer and standing next to her, I feel like a buffalo.

I hit the highest I've ever seen on a scale this year and decided enoughs enough, I couldn't do this myself.  So after a little research, I chose the Jenny Craig program.  It seemed to fit my lifestyle much better than some of the other programs out there and I didn't want to try any new fangled pills or potions to drop the weight. Been there, done that and it never worked.       

So, I started the diet on Saturday, September 4 - Labor Day weekend.   Believe me, my neighbors at the camp ground gave me a hard time about starting on a holiday weekend, but really, what time IS good to start a diet?  

Well, I didn't have as hard a time with the food as I thought I would - in fact, there have been some meals that are outstanding.  Aside from a low grade headache that plagued me over the weekend and a little bloated gassiness in the beginning as my system got used to the low sodiom and low fat diet - I haven't had any other complaints. 

As a matter of fact, I've actually had a lower level of hunger than I have in my past diet attempts.  My chocolate cravings seem to be in check as well because the Jenny program does have a lot of choices in the way of chocolate sweets.  My favorite by far - the chocolate cheese cake - yes they have it - it's a very small helping but my lord it is very, very good. 

So what was my week one result?  I lost two pounds.  Not stellar in relation to my past fad diets - but two pounds is the weekly goal that the program suggests.  It's a reasonable amount of weight to drop and keep off in a week especially since I only excersized while we were up in Maine - Sat/Sun/Mon I walked the beach.  Two of the days it was the length of the beach and on Monday - my lowest energy day - it was only half the beach.  So losing two pounds was a win. 

Thanks for listening. I'll post Week 2 next Wednesday!  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your success stories. 


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