Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jenny Craig Week 3

Folks - it was a VERY tough week.  Not from the diet, but from a general health perspective.  I got a hellish fall cold that knocked me on my ass on Monday and Tuesday, making it very difficult to eat all the items on my menu.  I know you're supposed to starve a fever and feed a cold.  Well I didn't want to eat all that much - but I drank juice - which didn't bode well for dropping the weight. 

After all was said and done - I did drop another half pound, so I didn't completely kill my progress. 

I was supposed to start a consistent exercise program this week too - ha.  That kind of fell through the cracks until Thursday and Friday.  So I ended on a much more consistent note.

I do hope to do much better during week 4.

Catch you next week - same time, same place. 


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