Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jenny Craig - week 2

I bet you're wondering how I did with week 2.  Well, I followed the menu to the letter and dropped another 1.5 pounds. 

I also found I'm not a fan of the chilli - it was the only meal I couldn't finish. Maybe because I'm so used to five alarm chilli and this wasn't in the least spicy - and I had no tortilla chips to go with it.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  This just won't be on my grocery list going forward. 

Outside of that, I still am plugging along with really no cravings yet, but PMS hasn't hit.  I wonder how that's going to work.  I'm hoarding the chocolate "Anytime" bars just for that week, so I can satisfy that predictable craving. 

The only thing I didn't accomplish that I wanted to was getting into a exercise routine.  Yeah, I walked 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday to start the week - and did a dozen or so squats on Friday to end the week but that was it.  My plan to do regularly scheduled work-outs kind of flew south like the birds. 

This is one of my goals, to get into a consistent routine of aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week and toning twice a week.  God knows I have enough exercise tapes and equipment here - all of which have been collecting dust for the last year.   

I need to put together my menu for the next delivery and am looking forward to hand picking the meals I enjoy - especially the chocolate cheese cake.  Yes, they have chocolate cheesecake that's to die for. 

Anyhow - that's my week 2.  Very uneventful and still successful.   

How is your diet and exercise plan going?

Catch you next week - same time, same place.

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