Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sample Sunday - Hunting Season sneak peak

Hunting Season, A Steve Williams Novel - release date: May 13, 2011 - Here's a couple quick samples to whet your appetite.

The first one that came through the door was Chris Ryan, led by his guide dog, his blue eyes staring sightlessly from behind the tinted glasses. “Agent Williams,” he said. The dog led him to the spot in front of Steve.

“Sir,” Steve acknowledged the older man.

“To what do we owe the pleasure?” Chris asked. His expression guarded and his German Shepherd took a seat next to him.

Steve studied the man in front of him and saw his jaw tense. He’s reading my thoughts. “I would rather wait until your wife is in the room before I discuss what brings me here,” he said. His mind flowed through the remnants of memories from Eric and the research he had done the day before, the flurry of activity rendering mind reading useless.

Chris turned slightly at the sound of the sliding glass door opening.

Jessica Ryan stepped inside with both Tommy and CJ in tow. “You two head up to the playroom,” she said. The boys ran by Steve and up the stairs while she removed her gloves and stepped into full view. “Hi.” Unbuttoning her coat, she stepped by her husband’s side.

Steve stared at her. She looked identical to what he envisioned Jennifer would look like if she reached forty. “Um,” he said and diverted his eyes to the man in front of him. Jesus, this is Ty Aris.

Both Jessica and Chris took a step back, their eyes widening a fraction.

Oh Christ, they both can read my mind.  “I’m sorry to inform you that there was an accident down at Quantico.” Accident, it wasn’t a fucking accident.

* * * *

He stood in the bathroom staring at the mirror. The eyepatch fell from his slack fingertips and drifted to the floor. Baby blue irises stared back. Both of them. He covered his right eye and the room went black. Blind, but an eye just the same. He uncovered his eye, staring at the reflection again. A hell of a lot better than the sunken deflated eye it was a couple of hours ago. A slightly hysterical laugh escaped.

He leaned closer; the small scar on his cheek was gone too. “Holy Mary, Mother of God!” The muttering mantra continued and he ripped through the buttons on his shirt. The words fell away and he stared at his perfect chest, running his fingers over the skin. There wasn’t a mark on him. He leaned against the wall and the world tilted again. Slowly he sank to the floor. Steve didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He jumped at the soft tap on the door and scrambled to his feet as it swung open.

“Are you all right?” Her soft imploring voice reached his ears.

Steve uttered a high laugh and looked in the mirror. “I haven’t been all right since the day my daughter died.” He glanced at Jessica when she cracked the door. “Somehow this makes it worse.”

Jessica offered a smile. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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