Sunday, February 6, 2011

#Sample Sunday

Sample from Vengeance:

Jennifer settled in his arms, a small satisfied smile on her lips.

“Tell me what you saw,” Steve whispered in her ear, spooning her in the soft bed.

“A hunting knife covered in blood. It reminded me of the knife in the movie Rambo.” She cuddled closer into him. “It was a blonde this time and the bastard played with her before he killed her.”

“Anything else?”

“There’s something on his right wrist, but I couldn’t make it out,” she yawned. “I think it’s a tattoo.”

Silence filled the room. When her breathing evened out, he slid out of bed and booted up his computer. This was the third dream Jennifer had in the last few months involving a dead woman and a hunting knife.

Typing a special secure URL and his clearance code into the computer, the FBI logo appeared, giving way to the internal email system. Steve scanned his inbox before typing a new message to his boss.

Jenny had another one. Let me know if you find anything.

He looked between the message and Jennifer sleeping a few feet away, wondering if he was doing the right thing. He’d put her in the line of fire before and that miscalculation almost got them killed. But this is different. He inhaled and pressed send before shutting the computer down.

Yawning, he crossed to the window and looked out at the street.

Someone was watching.

He stepped back into the darkness.

The car in contrast, sat under the street light. Steve sat on the edge of the bed, his mind racing over the steps he took to cover his tracks tonight.

He must have missed something.

“Shit,” he muttered and climbed under the covers next to Jennifer. “Shit!”

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G. Torrance said...

That has definitely dampened my lips about the book, for lack of a better phrase.

You painted a picture in my head perfectly.